My Makeup Collection : Storage methods on dime that make your life easier

So I recently moved and I had to temporarily shrink my collection. However I found that my new setup is actually be a lot more beneficial to my daily routine. It allows me to have a better view all the items that I use. The only issue is that my collection is growing so soon I will run out room but until then I love this new setup. It’s uses accessible storage methods, it is user friendly ^^ and portable at moment’s notice!

I used a natural wood table purchased at Wal-Mart $8.50 to house the whole situation. I love how the table is portable and affordable. It fits perfects in the empty space by my bathroom sink. I also keep my Olay Quench body lotion, Boots cleanser & toner, Neutrogena makeup remover, ponds face wipes and the occasional body spray. Amazing enough everything fits!!!

For makeup storage I use a polka dotted fold-able organizer that my friend Lynn gave me. I think you purchase them at Target. Anyways, I love it. It has 6 compartments and it can be completely folded up. The only issue is that the compartments sections aren’t hard so you have to tweak your makeup around to form the structure.  (face makeup, neutral eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, smokey & bold eye shadows, personal care items)

I also use a regular coffee mug to hold my hair ties, bobby pins and travel brushes. I have a black silk ribbon that I tied to the towel bar and that holds on my black snap clips. I just hang my headbands on the rack and surprisingly they stay put until needed.
[TIP] Coffee mugs also make great earring holders since you can just hang them on the rim and leave the studs in the cup.

I use a cardboard quad box that I purchased at goodwill $2 to hold my larger brushes (eco-tools), nail file, eyelash curler and other tools that I use. It’s a bit too tall for my liking so I’m looking for medium height box at the moment. However, I do like the quad sections because it allows me to separate used brushes vs. clean brush, my nail tools and still have a compartment for something else. Plus it also folds up nicely if I don’t need it.

This is how I store things and it’s going great. Do you have have tips or trick or how do you store things?


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