My Favorites for Feb 2011 (corgi, makeup, electronics, all that Jazz..)

I’m just going to do a quick run through my February Favorites. I got the idea from watching videos on Youtube and well my love of lists. Anyways, I’m me and I hate missing out on things thus anything could be game for my list. It’s all stuff I love and use daily!

My Feb Favorites!!!

1.       My New Job ^^
Ha I use to wonder what analyst do and well now I know. I’ve become quite intimate with my Excel since then. We are inseparable!

2.       Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Electric Warming Blanket Twin
($20* from Black Friday purchased at Wal-Mart)
I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold. This blanket is so toasty and has 10 settings.

3.       Eco-Tools Mineral 5pc set ($8.50*, Ulta)
I’ve been loving Eco-Tool as they are great & inexpensive brush set. So far I have found them at, Ulta &Target stores. I really love the blending brush and how travel friendly this set in particular is. I use it all the time with just one sweep and I’m done!

4.       Corgi dogs (aka Maya)
They are freakin’ adorable. I want one… if only they didn’t shed so much.

5.       My pink cupcake flannel blanket (going away gift from my friend Lynn, I adore it!)

6.       ELF Contour Blush Duo ($3, Target)
Got a Target? Seriously pick up this duo, it’s awesome. I love the bronzer side which is surprising b/c it’s great for nose contouring. I think it give my face some life because it’s looking so pasty these days.

7.       Whip cream, caramel mochas from the Bean Trees ==> as seen in picture with my smiley face cup! Extra whip please!

8.       Victoria Secret Live Pink Fragrance (discontinued, VS)
See my Black Friday haul for pic ==> go to the search bar

9.       Frozen Pesto Tilapia ($12, Costco)
I think this is new Costco item. I sampled it and I fell in love with the taste, convenience and ease to cook it. 2 min in the microwave! Like seriously what could be better than that! It reminds me of Em’s parents making pesto in their kitchen. Oh good times!

10.   Computer docking station & built in laptop webcam so much easier than carrying cables!

Not to end on a downer but here’s a list things I disliked.
1. Shoe Shopping – funny because I just did a shoe haul and I still haven’t found the “perfect” work pump. Gah! I seriously would love it if someone could take a mold of my foot and buy me shoes. Like if anyone wants to do that you should totally contact me ^^
2. The fact that since I bought rain boots it hasn’t rained at ALL. X_X
3. How long everything via snail mail takes when it’s not Amazon Prime. Oh Prime how you’ve spoiled me!
4. Bananas – I extra dislike them this month. My master master banana bread maker is ..alas in San Diego.
5. How I lost my lunch and never got to eat my Ranch 99 giant Almond Cookie
6. Some reason dogs really try to lick my mouth. No I don’t like dogs attempting to whirlpool my mouth.
They are sneaky little things. It seems everyone else thinks it’s hilarious when I get attacked by the dog X_X
7. How every time I order ELF at they cancel the order on me. Despite website in stock. That is so annoying!

That’s it for now.  Wait Bonus FAVORITE: I’ve BEEN lovin’ GLEE!!!!!!

Please subscribe! OHHHH please if you want to write your Feb Favorites in my comment section. That would be cool beans!


4 thoughts on “My Favorites for Feb 2011 (corgi, makeup, electronics, all that Jazz..)

  1. I’m glad you like your cupcake blanket =) Your mocha does look good! I have been wanting to get frappacinos for some reason now. But I have noticed I’m getting a bit pudgy X_X maybe I should not have bought all that junk food last time X_X.

    Dogs are so funny. I’m still watching dog youtube videos X_X.

  2. sophieee, you are so cute! i miss you. 😦 you’re never on skype!
    alsoooo, for work pumps, i’d recommend naturalizer bohemias. you can get them at zappos or piperlime!

    ps, i may be living in minneapolis this summer for an internship! is that the part of minnesota you’re from?

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