Sushi Deli 3 Happy Hour Special

Sushi Deli 3
7986 Armour St
San Diego, CA 92111

Sushi Deli is a sushi restaurant tucked away in Kearny Mesa. The area isn’t very exciting and actually dim location. This is a dated review but we took some pretty neat pictures so I thought I’d briefly review it. The review is based on experiences I had there in 2010. It was back during the age of the stellar happy hour. I believe it was like $1-2 sakes, discounted beers, and $1-3 on select rolls. Anyways, the restaurant is friendly, clean and atmosphere is nice for a kickback. The service is quick but do take into account happy hour brings in a lot of people so wait can be rather long from 45-60min (no reservations).
We went in a group of 6 people. We got tons of California rolls, spicy tuna, and philly rolls for $1-3. I remember I loved the scallops dynamite. It was a really great deal and we were stuffed for costs of $5-6 bucks each person. Plus their sake bottles fills up 2.5 sake cups so there’s ample amount to go around. Happy hour only on select rolls but nevertheless their rolls are quite affordable $6-7. They also sell noodles, bento boxes, sashimi and hand rolls.

You can view their entire menu & new happy hour special online here

Our meal piled up! Yum!
I loved going to Sushi Deli 3 for their happy hour. It’s really fun and tasty. I think their sushi is pretty decent. I mean it’s not fancy or exceptional sushi but for a late night snack or group gathering I think its great, affordable choice.

***However sad to say, all good things must come to an end. I hear Sushi Deli 3 no longer has these specials but has other hh specials. Even so if you are looking for an affordable sushi choice I’d recommend trying out sushi deli.


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