Fearless in the face of adventure! What Sophie’s been up to.

Life is interesting I spend most of the time wondering what “Future Sophie” will be doing and what “Past Sophie” was thinking.
Anyways, in the face of the new lunar year I’ve decided that I should go on fearlessly and yet with great caution. If at all possible.

I thought I’d give you a quick update about what’s going on my life, direction I see the blog going, and more fun stuff.
Right now I’m in the crossroads of moving away from my college habitat to starting my new job up north as data analyst of sorts.
I’m very excited to starting working again and it’s a great opportunity.

Too bad they just haven’t invented shrink rays so I can pack easier. It seems that this time of the year I’m always moving and packing!

Lucky me, I start on Valentine’s Day so not much time left to soak in SoCal. For the next couple of weeks I am not be able to post as frequently as I would like. Nevertheless with great enthusiasm my blog will go on. ^_^

I would love more feedback about the blog and I’m open to suggestions. Lately, I’ve been tweaking with different blog layouts to see what works best and ultimately I would love to create my own layout. But until then.. one day the blog may be blue and next green.

Blog wise
-I will definitely post more eats and recipes since camera is back in business
-I will attempt to create more illustrations
-Near future, I would love to do a video series. So if any of my readers are interested or can assist I would love the help.

In short, thanks everyone for reading my blurbs and ramblings. Sophie’s dish will continue to dish about all that is delicious and beautiful.


p.s. Don’t forget it’s the LAST DAY to enter my giveaway here


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