My recent movie recommendations

I thought I’d do a quick post as I just finished watching The Brothers Bloom. Wiki calls it American postmodern caper film. I don’t know what that means but it’s good, indescribable movie. It’s about brothers, their con-man adventures, a new jersey heiress and their futures.  I think all the actors all did a great job and I like the filmography. My favorite part was when the actress Rachel Weisz (Penelope Stamp)  shows the actor Adrian Brody (Bloom) all her hobbies that she collects. Seriously that is a very tall unicycle that she rides.

Here are some of other movie recommendations that I’ve seen recently and I think are worth checking out.

1. The Other Guys – Comedy, it’s about a pair of cops that try to solve a money conspiracy. I love the dialogue. It’s seriously ridic!

2. Easy A – Comedy/Romantic Comedy, it’s about a girl who pretends to have flings with guys and develops a reputation. I really liked how Emma Stone did the webcam narration for the movie.

3. The King’s Speech – British historical drama, It’s about George VI and Lionel Logue, his speech therapist helping the king overcome his stammer and fear of public speaking. Gosh that description sounds boring but this is by FAR the BEST movie I’ve watched in a long, long time. It’s won a ton of awards since all the main characters are killer awesome. I loved performances by Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, and Helena Bonham Carter. It’s a must see!!!

yep those are my movie recommendation…go grab some popcorn and watch them!


One thought on “My recent movie recommendations

  1. adrian brody….he came to usap! is the brother’s bloom a hollywood movie? i don’t know why i didn’t know who he was or the movies that he was in.

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