Bath & Body Works: B&BW LUV CLUB (January Freebie)

So back in December Bath & Body Works started a B&BW LUV Club.
It was free to sign up and you got mailed a monthly punch card where you receive monthly free items.
This is what I picked up in January…I was glad I waited because I was able to snag some tropical items for free!
January Month Freebie: You got to choose a full size hand soap, pocketbac santizer and pocketbac holder
I got Caribbean Escape in Anti-bacterial hand soap with pump. ( I LOVE THIS, it makes me want to wash my hands 24/7)
I got Citrus Crush pocketbac which is cute color combination and great citrus scent. Also I really like the new pocketbac holders that they came out with to match all the wonderful tropical items.

Lastly this is a silly photo of what I did with my pocketbac that are going to my cousin…in the meantime they’ll become a really rather strange and fantastic art display.

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