How to ‘break’ into Couponing in 5 easy steps!

Couponing comes in all forms, sizes and intensity. It’s the 21st century you don’t have to spend all day searching for the perfect deal. By no means should you clip every coupon or snag every deal that you see. Everyone is different. We all need and like different things. all about having the right tools, moderation and timing.

A) Live in the now by being aware. I found I became more successful at couponing when I became more attentive to details (coupon policies for stores, expiration dates, sale dates, rebate dates).

B) Don’t Settle! A lot people limit themselves by staying in their comfort zones and never find what’s perfect because they settle for what’s good.  I mean that’s great and you do save money if you only clip coupons on the things you always use. But to score spectacular deals you need to become more open minded and willing to trying new things.

C) Finally be confident! It takes time to learn what you like, what you need and even though you can’t always picture what you will want in the future. Getting to know yourself better is very useful tool in keeping your couponing in moderation. Just because it’s a cheap doesn’t mean you should get it. Sometimes an ok deal will work out better for you. I think this IS the most difficult part in couponing, knowing what to get, what to avoid and to regret your purchases. It’s important to find balance but once you find it, it will not only help with couponing but you’ll be a lot happier and make better choices in life.

(Dude it’s totally ok and normal every now and then to splurge on something or make a mistake. That’s life. But you’ll have a lot more savings & sanity if you buy with a purpose in mind)

**Here are 5 steps that I found really helped me save a lot more money and everyone can do it!**

1. Figure out an organization system
The worst feeling is when you get to a store you can’t find your coupon, your bag is a mess and you still need to buy the item. So if you are going to spend the time clipping the coupon you should get an organizer. It doesn’t need to be bulky or “mom-ish” or filled to the brim with coupons for everything.
I use a coupon binder the size of envelope that I found in the Target dollar section and I love it.

-coupon binder
-coupon holder using clear card inserts
-hold coupons, shopping lists and coupon policies

2. Buy copies of the Sunday Newspaper
The Sunday newspaper has long been the place to get coupons. They have hundreds of savings on daily necessities, food, weekly ad flyers and restaurant deals. Just by using 1 or 2 coupons, you’ll get your money’s worth from the paper even if you don’t usually read the paper.

-check to see what coupons they are offering in the Sunday newspaper
-See where they offer discount or bundled paper for discounts
*Vons sells 2 copies of the San Diego Tribune for $2.20 (1 paper $1.79)
*I got sweet deal from Groupon for LA TIMES Sunday newspaper subscription $10 ($0.20 a paper)
*LA TIMES also offers this deal occasionally, just call in and ask!

3. Always have a working printer
This is crucial for couponing because Facebook,, and variety of other couponing website offer printable coupons. Facebook often offer FREE item coupons or high value coupons and they go fast! It really sucks when you see a great deal but you can’t print it out.

-Office Max Rewards from time to time offer free printers and you get $ in rewards
-Office Depot often has $10-$25 coupons off anything in the store, you can pick up a discount printer
-Check or for free or affordable printers
-I buy my Epson Printer Ink from Double2Ink on EBay.
The cartridges are refillable and only cost $12 for a full set of 4 colors! It lasts me a long time!
-Save your printer cartridges and many office supply store offer a credit for returns
-My mom uses Cartridge World and they also offer discount ink cartridges

4. Join your grocery store’s loyalty card program.
The grocery stores around me (Vons & Ralphs) have their own loyalty card programs. From time to time they send me personalized coupons, I rack up points = $ money back, and you can use the cards to join digital coupon websites. These websites allow your store card to store coupons and there’s no clipping needed plus you can still use your paper coupons = double savings!

5. Follow a couponing blog.
Want to know all the great deals but don’t have time or the patience to sort through everything that is going on in the internet? Well couponing bloggers do all the legwork and you just follow their deal scenarios! They find an item on sale and show you want coupon to use. They also update frequently so you get the latest deals. I’ve saved thousands of dollars, got tons of free samples and full size products and following a blog is FREE. It’s also sweet to read the comments and see what deals work or don’t. (search bar is great for forum comments or details) (Tab: Daily Deals combines all group buying sites + free pts,

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