Zoya Haul Part 2 of 2

I finally was able to receive in the mail my part 2 of my Zoya haul. Zoya.com recently had a freebie going if they had 200,000 likes by Jan 3rd they would give their fans 3 free bottles of nail polish and all you had to do was pay $6.95 shipping. This is a great deal because they are normally $7 a bottle!
From Left to Right (Austine, Dana, Shivon)

If you would like to see what I got in my first order just go to this link here.
The order did take about 2 weeks to arrive due to high demand volume. It was packaged nicely and they also sent some Zoya spoonz samples of their new intimate line.
(From Left to Right: Dana, Austine, Shivon)

Order #2
Overall, I love the opacity and pigmentation in these 3 nail polishes. They are all very intensely pigmented.  You could just do one coat and it’s already a solid color. It was easy to use, no streaking, and no hassle.

Dana (Bold Raspberry) It’s a great pop color and perfect for spring! It looks so juicy and yummy! Sorry I ran out of nails so I wasn’t able to put up a picture of it on my nails. I assure you it’s a lovely color.

Austine (Rose-gold Champagne color) I hear it’s a dupe of the new Mac Cham Pale nail polish. I absolutely adore this nail polish. I think out of my 2 order from Zoya.com this is my absolute favorite nail polish. It’s very easy to apply, no streaking and has great pigmentation. You can a use one coat and it shows up beautiful. I think you could where this in all settings and even to work.

Shivon (Duo-Chrome Berry Gold color) It’s beautiful in the bottle. It shows a mixture of plum berry purple with fleck of gold swirls. It supposed to be duo chrome so that it changes color in different lights. I expected Shivon to be a darker purple but it applies a light plum berry shade and I found the “duo chrome” effect not as cool as I expected it to be. Nevertheless I’m liking the color on my toes. I wonder if zoya makes this color in a lip gloss because I think that would be gorgeous.

I’m very happy with my zoya order. If only I had more nails to paint!

I hope my readers who also jumped on this deal were happy with what they received. Please comment below your experiences, I can’t wait to hear about it! ^^


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