Homemade Hot pot! Oh so yummy!

The view from my Minnesotan home. You know what’s best on a chilly winter night? Hot pot!!! Actually I pretty much can have hot pot anytime. Once in the summer when M and I were in Shanghai, China we ate at Fire and Ice cafe where they served shaved ice and spicy mai la tang (similar to hot pot). YUM!
Anyways here are some pictures of the homemade hot pot I had with my family.
You can buy hot pot utensils and tools at your local Asian supermarket or Ranch 99. I’ve seen the burner at Ranch 99 for around $15 dollar and they also sell the spare gas. It’s quite affordable to make in your own house compared to hot pot eating out which can average $15-20 per person.
My mother has this awesome pot with a divider in it so you have 2 kinds of soup flavors. People usually do spicy and non-spicy. But this time we just went with regular brother made from bone stock. However the dividers are still nice to separate the cooking of different items.
Crab Legs – pre-cooked from Costco, we dip them into the broth to warm them up, you can also eat them off the plate
Fish Balls -fish mixture into like “meatball” shape
Shrimp – you cook them until they change color to red-pink
Fried Tofu – watch out they can be quite hot when they absorb the broth!
Pickled Cabbage Dish – I think that was just side dish, not for the hotpot
We also put in…
Xi Fen (thin clear noodle)
Bok Choy
Napa Cabbage
My dad usually makes our hot pot dipping sauce which has a combination of sai chai jian, peanut sauce, Hoisen sauce and spices. It thicker texture and we love it!

Other items I love in hot pots are winter melon, nian gao, and thinly sliced beef.
I really want to get my own hot pot burner so I can have hot pot in California. It’s always a fun night, we have special like hot-pot dipping ladles and it does not take much to prepare.

So if you haven’t you should look into having a hot pot party! ^^ Invite me too!


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