Makeup gone Rogue (Tell tale signs when it’s time to dump your makeup)

Recently I encountered my first makeup gone rogue item with my Dollar Tree #3 Haul. I took it upon myself to do some researching on the subject because I did not really know what makeup could go bad. I found some alarming facts such as there is no government branch that governs makeup creation like the FDA, sometimes even high-end brands such as Dior have traces of lead in their lipstick and that mascara only has 3 month lifespan!

However don’t fret because I have good news too! I found that every single  makeup product has a lot number on their packaging and you can contact the company for the shelf life and expiration dates. There’s websites like where you can easily search up the shelf life for yourself. If you ever have reaction towards your makeup, quickly stop use and many makeup companies have a 1-800 number you can call for more information. Also there’s tell tale signs to see if your makeup has indeed gone rogue!

Old makeup can lead to skin problems, acne and bacterial infections.
But at the same time you shouldn’t be afraid of using low-end or drugstore product b/c they can be top-notch.
Average shelf life is 2 years after first use (regardless of frequency of use)
*Exception: Makeup sponges (monthly), Mascara (3 months), Cream/Gel Based (1 year), Nail polish (1 year)

Signs of Makeup Gone Bad.
1.  Rotten, expired smell (smell that’s off-putting or strange)
2. Changed consistency from when you first used it (clumpy, sticky, excess liquid, dry)
3. IF it’s cracked or showing wear beyond regular use
4. Product discoloration
5. If it’s been over 2+ year since when you first opened it (applies to both drugstore & high-end makeup)

1. E-mail the distributor the makeup lot number and they can tell you when the product was made (every product has one)
2. Check
3. Clean your products daily or weekly
4. Do not share makeup with other people (germs can spread)
5. Take time to monthly or quarterly discard old makeup products or things you just don’t use
6. Mascaras only last 3 month some reason they go bad super fast!
7. If you buy products on sale, you should plan to use them and not stockpile them.
It’s likely they have earlier expiration dates compared to regular store makeup. (not always the case but something to be aware of)
8. Remember to remove your makeup everyday and to use to a good facial cleanser
9. If you are at all weary or suspicious, make sure to do a test swatch on your arm. This way if you do have a irritation you’ll know and it won’t affect your face.

That being said, it’s a NEW YEAR, maybe it’s time for a makeup drawer clean up! It’s a great time to get rid of old, once-used products and gives you more room to replenish your collection!


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