Dollar Tree Haul #3

Ha it may be shopping addiction now! This my last Dollar Tree Haul when I was in MN. I mostly picked up a bunch of cosmetic products that I tried or heard rave reviews about. As always everything is $1 dollar – no more – no less.

Store: Dollar Tree
Costs: $7 + tax
*This Dollar Tree in Eden Prairie does take cash or credit card! They do not give back refunds but they do exchanges w/ receipt!

Things that I got:
Sally Hansen Lip Butter (Rosebud) – I picked up a spare, it’s pinky-nude shimmer
Sally Hansen Lip Butter (Nosegay) – I love this color, it’s bold raspberry. What a strange name!
Sally Hansen Lip Butter (Wildflower) – I thought it was another Rosebud and I was going to give it away. C and I both thought looked the same as Rosebud. But unfortunately when I took it out of the packaging it did have some discoloration so I exchanged it later.

LA Colors lip glosses are very nice, apply on smooth and lightly scented. However once I took off the paper packaging I found that the lip gloss tube did not contain names of the glosses or even a number. So for the red one I have no name b/c I had thrown away the packaging…I’m just going to call it Sparkly.

LA Colors Expressions Sparkly – I originally saw a review that someone liked this and it wasn’t chunky feeling. I thought it was a wild color! Well I tried it and it clear red gloss with tons, tons of glitter. I think it would be interesting top coat but I don’t know how I feel about just wearing it alone. * However, removal of the lip gloss is such a pain! The glitter gets everywhere, I even found it on my forehead! It looked like I bit into a glitter fairy! Gah so must be a glitter lover for this one.

LA Colors  Expressions Just Kissed – I love this lip gloss. It’s really a quality product, applies smooth, nice pink shimmer and it’s not too frosty. I found it also smells a little like candy. I like how it’s not just clear but it does have the same pigmentation payoff as seen in tube.

LA Colors Trendy Palette – I normally stay away from $1 palettes as they can be too chalky and poorly pigmented. I heard rave reviews about this one. They also sell it on Anyways, the trendy palette has great pigment payoff, very colorful and I love all the browns that I get. *I heard that different palettes within this line give you different color payoff. I heard Chic is not very good.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Plum Paradise – (Warning!) This is not representative of makeup at Dollar Trees but something to be aware of. I was trying this product, it was very light & airy, and beautiful pastel purple. It was really a gorgeous color! However I noticed that it had a funky smell so I checked the makeup lot number on and it was expired/made in 2006. Needless to say I did not use this product and I exchanged it. Which was a bummer because it’s really nice product.

*Dollar Tree doesn’t check if their products are expired. But I guess that’s what you get for $1.
However you can look up a lot of high-end & drugstore makeup brands shelf life and expiration date on


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