How to manage Airport Madness: Tips & Tricks

I find that since went out of state of college I’ve taken a plethora of trips. Trips via buses, trips via metro, trips via subway, trips via taxis, trips via around the world and a lot of airplane trips. Throughout all these trips I’ve developed a “plan” of attack to getting everything in one piece on and off the plane. Warning! Despite my best efforts I still find myself at lost how small planes have gotten! The fear that I won’t be able to make it through the aisles. At times like these I am glad I am small. ^^
Airport Tips & Tricks
1. Opt for rolling luggage with nice wheels & sturdy handles. It seriously comes in handy when you are running late or too much stuff.

2. Dress comfortably!
Some people like to be dressed to the 9’s on airplanes. I don’t know why. I mean in 5 min of so you’ll be passed out when they dim the lights and no one will see you. If they do you’ll probably be in a state of utter rumpled sleep. This is why I go for min. makeup, sweatpants or even pajamas for international flights, and slip-on slippers if I can help it. You can always change 1 hr before landing and no one has to know.

3. Prepare for the air conditioning! Does not matter if the temperature you left for 100 degrees or negative 20. Airplanes can get chilly. Be prepared with a thin jacket or sweater since now you have to pay $5 to get blanket on the plane.

4. Resist temptations of over-priced airplane foods. Airplane certainly have a monopoly in the sky for dining options. Many snacks are marked up 300% what you’d pay for at your local grocery store. Sure when the guy next to you gets a hot pizza, just the smell is very tempting. So I suggest either picking up some to-go food previous to your flight (healthier, more options, and better tasting) or simply toss a granola bar into your pocket beforehand.

5. Stay Entertained! It’s true when you are having fun time flies! I heard now that Delta flights have free wi-fi! Many international flights I’ve been give you your own t.v. screen, new movies, games and music. If you aren’t sure of your plane amenities or booked for seemingly endless flight here are some tips…

-Bring reading material: book you’ve been meaning to read, newspaper, or if you subscribe to a magazine save it for the trip
-Bring small portable dvd player, it amuses children for hours
-Bring your mp3 player
-Bring a pen and small notebook to plan ahead for your trip, write letters, or doodle

6. What’s ok for carry-on?
It seems like today’s world there’s so many new conditions for carry-on. This time my trip from MN-CA I realized that I might go over the carry-on liquid limit. Thankfully I was prepared and no 3 oz limit would hinder me!

-Invest in a clear plastic travel-friendly cosmetic bag. (holds more than ziplock, easy to see what’s in it) I used my Sephora bag
-When companies send you small sample bottles, after use, clean them and re-use by putting your favorites back in (travel-friendly)
-Choose makeup that is mult-functional such as product that can be used for lip and cheeks.
-Find things that naturally portable & simple
-Keep handy stash of sample size or travel friendly medication. You never know if you are going to be sitting by the screaming baby and desperately need a Advil.

7. Magical Words….SUCTION BAGS! These have saved my life countless times. Got pillows? Puffy bedding? Too much clothing? Suction bags are the solution to space! They can be purchased at your local Wal-mart, reusable, affordable and quick. I’ve used vacuums to suck out the air or you can buy sets with a hand pump.

*Warning: suction bags are great for allowing more space. However, watch closely the WEIGHT of your luggage may go over because you think you have more room to pack then you actually do.

8. Last but not least pack slightly less than you’d like (cause a lot of time you’ll end up with more after the trip)
-Find clothing that are multifunctional that can be dressed up or down
-Don’t pack too many shoes unless you are planning on moving there. You probably need 1-3 max.
-If you are going abroad, take into account space you will need for your shopping abroad or presents for friends & family
-If you know that certain area is prone to cheaper items, take note!

Those are my tips! If you have any suggestions please comment above! Thanks!


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