Youtube Beauty Guru Recommendations

So October 2010 I was trying to find a easy pinup girl makeup look and I stumbled upon the Youtube beauty community. I’ve been addicted ever since. Before I never knew regular people had like daily shows or what a Youtube channel was. Basically Youtube beauty community is where people  have their own Youtube channel that they frequently posts videos about makeup & stuff and you can watch it for free!

I like how it’s regular people and a lot of the videos seem down to earth like you are watching your “girl friend” tell you stuff. The videos content varies with each individual and their own preferences. Usually they have makeup tutorials, hauls (stuff they purchase), makeup reviews and recommendations.

I really enjoy watching hauls because I’m always interesting why people buy things and what they buy. I also find recommendations to be really useful and inspiring. It keeps me informed about what’s new, what not to buy, what to try or what works.

The videos are usually 3-15min long so if you can stay tuned to my super rambling style writing, I’m sure watching a video will be a breeze ^_^

Here are some Youtube Beauty Gurus I enjoy watching & brief reason why. I’m sure there’s tons of other great ones out there. I’d love for you to comment about them or if you have a beauty channel yourself. Since Youtube is so big that I’m always finding cool new people to watch and I think it’s quite fun!

*I’m not going to link their channels b/c it takes too much work. I’m lazy…I know. But you can just search their names on the Youtube homepage and it will take you to their channel really quick*

I really love that she uses a lot of drugstore and department store makeup. Thus I find her suggestions and reviews to be really useful because it compares 2 ends of the makeup spectrum. So far everything she has suggested has worked out great for me. She makes makeup tutorials, favorites, vlog style posts and hauls.

Fleur de Force
I think she has an amazing accent and I love her intro. She’s from UK and I find it interesting  to get a ‘foreign’ perspective on makeup and fashion ideas.

Bubz Beauty
I recently discovered her in the last week though she’s been making videos for ages. Her style is more on the cutesy side. She has great hairstyle ideas that look quite simple to do. She also has a hilarious sense of humor and she has a comedy channel called Bubbiosity. What is wicked awesome!… is that She is Irish & Chinese!

I had originally watched her videos for her clothing hauls to find inspiration on new trends. Now I watch and applaud her making videos about self-confidence for girls, relationship advice and giving back to the community. I think she’s quite amazing b/c she’s only in highschool and is able to see how she can be positive role model for girls.

Not to say the other gurus are amazing but this girl is GORGEOUS! Lol…how superficial am i! Anyways I like her costume tutorials and she has interesting way of speaking that for some reason that keeps me watching.

Pinkie Charm
Got a product you what reviewed? Pinkie Charm is your go to Youtube guru. I feel like if I ever want to find detailed information about a makeup product orlearn about new products I end up at Pinkie Charm’s channel. I seriously think she must be a mind reader b/c she’s always got the video I want. I like how informative her reviews are and how she tells you pros/cons of a product.

I briefly mentioned her before in my nail tutorial. She made a great easy how-to create a gradient effect on nails. She loves Bath & Body works candles which I love too. She touches on some ‘Asian’ makeup which is interesting because I’d never gotten Asian makeup despite being Asian.

Lastly…if any of these individuals see my post or basically any person who is constantly putting themselves out there.
Kudoos! I am amazed how frequent these people post videos, how real & grateful they seem and how they put with all that Youtube criticism!!!

If you haven’t checked these beauty gurus out, you really should because they are awesome!


3 thoughts on “Youtube Beauty Guru Recommendations

  1. I saw bubzbeauty a long time ago. her voice is crazy! loll

    juicystar07 is cute. did you know she is still in high school?? her older sis does videos too! they look totally different! her sis is blonde and has green eyes! but the way they talk is kinda similar, lol.

    i didn’t really watch youtube makeup channels before, i just knew they existed, lol. i can never use the tutorials, i just see what other people do lol.

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