Caribou Coffee, a morning with dear friends

Caribou Coffee is a chain coffee store much like Starbucks and it offers similar items. There’s pastries, snacks, blended drinks and coffee. I guess what makes Caribou Coffee special is that it was dream up by couple who opened their first coffee shop in Edina, Minnesota! Woot MN pride!

Since then Caribou Coffee has opened up 415 stores in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

[Picture above] I got their Turtle Mocha from their “wild drinks” line. I got it blended, it has a bit of chopped up candy bar, caramel and whip cream. Costs $3.95 for small size. I feel like their prices have gone up slightly since I last had them? But I don’t drink coffee much so I’m not positive. I usually stick to their Oreo snow drift which is delicious.  But sadly I didn’t see it on the menu this time.

Review – Turtle Mocha is INCREDIBLY SWEET! I mean I like sweet drinks but boy drinking this is the morning was like energy shot! I was shaking from the sugar. So I wouldn’t recommend this drink for those weary of sugar. I don’t think I’d be able to handle another one of these.  

Em’ & C got their morning coffee fix with the Caribou’s special reindeer blend. It was listed as being spicy and chocolately. I think they both quite enjoyed it. Regular blended coffees were $1.87 for a cup.  

Also Caribou Coffee has these really cute coffee mug slips for sale. Maybe I’ll just have to get one, fill up a coffee mug with hot chocolate and no one will expect a thing. I’ll finally be hip! ^^

Caribou Coffee’s question of the day:
What is dry ice made of….? I have no clue, do you?


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