(Caution) Avoid Wal-Mart Gift Receipts!!!

Did you know that not all receipts are treated the same? Well I found out the hard way!

Wal-Mart’s Gift Receipts
With the popularity of gift receipts, you as consumer should know that some stores *DOES NOT* lock in the price you paid for and if your item goes on sale, in the case your giftee returns the item they get the LOWEST 30 day selling price! Even if you paid way more!

Thankfully I realized this before I gave out my gift. I had purchased some holiday gift sets for $10 as presents, then realized they went on sale in less 7 days for only $5. Wal-Mart does not do price adjustment and it was 50% drop. So I went to Wal-mart with a “gift receipt” and I found out I could only get back the value of $5 because that was the current selling price.

 For Wal-mart gift receipts do not show price at all, no record in system but *ONLY* that you purchased the item. You are refunded the lowest 30 day selling price! This can be risk if your items goes on sale anytime between when you give it & 90 days return policy!!!

Despite the social taboo of giving a real receipt or allowing the giftee to see how much you paid. Wouldn’t it just bite if you paid $40 dollars for a gift and all they got back was $20 or like $10. It would be a lose-lose because not only does Wal-mart gain extra profit, the giftee gets less credit, and it makes your gift devalued!

I would avoid using gift receipts for seasonal purchases or things that frequently go on sale in you decide on Wal-Mart!

**Some stores do have the special locked in code for your price paid. I know that Victoria Secret does for sure so you get the same amount you paid for but I’m not sure who else does it. This is my first time with this predicament.**


4 thoughts on “(Caution) Avoid Wal-Mart Gift Receipts!!!

  1. dang! and also, there’s an expiration date for Target giftcards now too! my mom caught it a few weeks ago on the receipt, and the date is on the top. it almost looks like the date of the transaction than anything else! 😦

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