Wendy’s New Sea Salt Fries

Wendy’s recently came out with new vamped “Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt”. I recently saw Kirbie’s Cravings review and then I remember I had gotten some coupons to try them out. I’m sorry it’s taken awhile to post because I originally had taken photos using my cellphone and now it seems like dying cause to get them off my cellphone.

Anyways, Wendy’s new fries are on their $1 menu in the small size. In general, I felt the exact same way Kirbie felt about these fries and the new changes to Wendy’s menu.

1. Natural Cut Fries are crisp, taste good and an improvement to previous fries
2. Sea salt (interesting concept) makes it WAY too SALTY! *shakes head* Drop the salt!
3. I’m sad that spicy chicken nuggets have replaced regular chicken nuggets on the $1 menu.
I got some regular chicken nuggets and they are $1.29 for 5 pieces.
4. I think they also may have done something to the batter of the chicken nuggets because it doesn’t taste nearly as addicting and delicious as they use too. Bummer!

So there’s my 2-cents.

Oh yeah my favorites at Wendy’s are their Mandarin Chicken Salad & Chili.. mm yum!
Too bad campus Wendy’s closed and the other closest Wendy’s to my Cali house is closed too. X_X
So those by UCSD, it might be a bit harder to try this new product!


One thought on “Wendy’s New Sea Salt Fries

  1. Hehee, it’s always nice to read that someone else feels the same as me. I think next time I’m going to try to order the fries without any salt. I didn’t realize they are on the dollar menu.

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