Christmas 2010 amongst family, mn, and snow

So my Christmas holiday as usual is filled with Chinese food, a visit to the grandparents, tons of socks and two handfuls of chaos. I’ve come to appreciate my Chinese food rather than pouting and salivating for an “American” style meal. Ha, I’ve just learned to make “white” food and consuming it in copious amounts when I am not at home. ^^ Anyways food was delicious and I think the smell permanently embedded on my black winter coat.

My favorite is the crab that my grandparents make.

Our Christmas tree… it also has a bunch of colorful lights on it. I avoided wrapping oddly shaped things and opted for gift bags.

 I was really excited about my presents and thought I did a pretty good job with catering presents towards practicality. I got my mom a Nordstrom Rack gift card, my dad some swim trunks to use when they come visit during my graduation, variety of edibles, socks (i love socks), some cool bath products and I got my brother  Blokus the board game. If you haven’t played this game, you are missing out BIG TIME! It’s so simple and absolutely addicting. We played for hours!!! The above picture is the Blokus game and my dad arranged the pieces to fit all the pieces on the board (just for fun). The “goal” of the game is to get all your pieces on the board but you can’t touch edges only sides of your other pieces which makes a the game tricky.  
Look after 4 years, I finally got my Minnesota hoodie! Guess what it’s not maroon and gold. Mom and I found it at Minnesota store in the Mall of America. I love it, got to sport my Minnesota Pride. ^^ What else..hmm I’m holding some yummy butter cookies from my grandparents. I’m really lucky and my parents splurged and got me the Sony e-reader. I still love paperback books but e-reader is super convienent! I just finished reading around the world in 80 days and midst another novel. If you read a lot of pdfs for school work (which I use to do) I would really recommend saving up for a e-reader. It makes it so much easier on my eyes and I am able to read a lot faster than on the computer.  I found some neato US coins in my stocking such as one dollar coin, half dollar coin, fifty-cent pieces and a couple other ones.

Recently I’ve been able to catch up with a few of my old friends. I’m having such a wonderful time! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmass too. ^^


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