Review: Nongshim Japanese Udon Noodle Soup

Nongshim Japanese Udon Noodle Soup
Purchased at Costco
Quantity 6 bowls
Price $13 ($2.17 a bowl)
Regular Price at Mass Retailer approx. $2.50 dollars

I use to love cup noodles and all sort of “instant” asian noodles we’d purchase downtown at our Asian grocery in Minnesota. I was a huge fan of “instant” food. It’s cheap, fast, and portable. However, since my study abroad to Shanghai, China in 2009 I have stopped eating “instant noodles” and their appeal to me has almost completely vanished. My mom being craving to try these noodles since she loves trying new foods or perhaps because she’s a Costco addict. She likes to call these noodles “uno”.

We got the big ole box from Costco which is cheaper per bowl. But if you are just trying it out, you can probably just pick up single bowl at Wal-Mart.
This is what a single bowl looks like. The bowls were actually much larger and sturdier than I expected them to be. It is by far one the best packaging in instant noodles that I’ve tried. So you don’t have to worry about the bowl being fragile.

These are the ingredients: soup packet, pre-cooked udon noodles & soup flavoring/ topping packet.
For being voted Chef’s Best in 2010, it is a very simple & ordinary “instant” noodle design.
Instructions for Cooking
1. Take out the food packets. Open the udon packet and put the udon in the bowl.
2. Pour hot water up to 2nd line of the bowl, cover, and wait 2 minutes
3. Drain the water using the perforated cuts on the cover
4. Open the soup & seasoning packets and pour into bowl with noodles
5. Re-pour hot water into bowl up to 1st line mark, cover and wait 1 minute

So I guess this is what makes these “instant noodle” different in design. I find it rather tedious to keep pouring and pouring out water. I’m not sure if you can just microwave the water in the bowl. The bowl’s instructions don’t really provide microwave details or even if it’s microwave safe. Which I think I is disappointing because boiling water twice takes a long time so remember to boil enough water. (No I have no patience). The procedure is easy and there’s not too much to mess up.

The udon is very flavorful without having additional MSG which I like . I love the texture of the noodles (chewy), the size of the portion, and how it looks like restaurant style meal.The taste very similar to udon I’ve had before. Overall the quantity was quite filling for me. However I did think the pricing points of the bowls was bit high for instant noodles. My mom says because udon noodles are expensive.  Thus I would probably not stock these in my house for daily consumption but it’s a great go to meal if I am on the go or at work.


2 thoughts on “Review: Nongshim Japanese Udon Noodle Soup

  1. COSTCO!!!! ❤ but i also love nongshim! they make those yummy shrimp crackers and shinji ramen (too spicy) but love the texture of the noodles. next time i shall look for these noodles at costco.

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