Haul: Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree
8040 Glen Lane
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-5354

So over the weekend my mom and I went to the Dollar tree in hopes of picking up some table cloths for our New Year’s Eve party. I love the Dollar store because despite how many times you ask everything is still $1 dollar. I guess it’s equivalent of my love for $2 kuai & $10 kuai stores in China or San Diego’s Daiso when it  still was a buck & fifty. It’s sort of amazing store because in a regular store there is so little that you can get with a buck.

Eden Prairie location is a larger store front then the dollar store we usually visit in the Mall of America. It was relatively clean and organized. They had a ton of party supplies, gift bags, and variety of household items. I don’t remember if it was cash only but a lot of dollar stores are CASH only.

Anyways, this is a mini-haul with some things that I was really excited to be able to pick up! I normally stick to household items. I decided to be adventurous and it paid off. (Most of the Dollar Tree stuff comes from overstock, limited editions, or store closing so it’s still good stuff)

In accordance to the Dollar Tree: EVERYTHING IS $1 USD – serious it’s just one dollar! 

LA Colors Art Deco Polish (silver)
I really like this product. I hope to go back and get the other colors they have in stuck. Unlike regular nail polish, the tip is very thin and long to enable nail designs. The silver glitter is bold and I want to say “pigmented” as  you get a lot of glitter. I’ve been wearing it for 5 days and it’s going strong.

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Gloss (Dazzling)
Ok I was hesitant because I’ve never gotten makeup at any dollar store and I had a poor experience with the Sally Hansen lacquer gloss. However you can purchase Sally Hansen products at most big retailers and this item regularly $5-7 bucks. I also seen a Smashbox gloss that looked very similar. Well it’s absolutely wonderful! The gloss is minty smelling without bothering my lips, it’s moisturizing, and gorgeous color!!! I’m not sure if it brightens my lips but it’s worth its money.

E.L.F. Studio Line Lip Stain Duo (Lucky Lady)
E.L.F is inexpensive product line that usually sold in my Target stores for $1-3. They are usually hit or miss for me. They had bunch of different E.L.F colors at my Dollar Tree and since studio line is usually $3. So like 66% off ^^. The lip stain color is matte rosy brown. It’s a shade I normally would not go for but I’d had a Estee Lauder gloss which was similar that I loved so I thought why not. The product packaging is wonderful and doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s very similar to Nars matte black. The lip stain goes on matte, true to color, and it’s not too drying or weird smelling. I think the redeeming factor is the addition of the clear gloss which really transforms the color to be very pretty & wearable. So if you don’t see this product in your dollar store, it would be worthwhile to check out at your local Target. (They have variety of colors)

Other than that we got our usual kitchen sponges and a spray bottle.

** I was lucky that my dollar tree had these products. However despite being a chain store, Dollar Tree’s inventory vary by time, area, and location.


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