Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates


My dad brought home some sea salt caramels. I don’t know why but sea salt seems increasingly popular these days. I guess just sound of it makes an item seem a little bit more gourmet. I was intrigued about how it would taste.
You can purchases these chocolate caramels at Byerly’s & Lunds grocery stores. I’ve only seen them in Minnesota so I’m not sure different locations of the grocery store. Byerly’s & Lunds is pricier grocery store and they often have niche products. Everything always sparkly and new in their displays.
The chocolates have a sprinkling of sea salt, milk chocolate, and considerable size.
So the question is sea salt or no sea salt? The sea salt does add interesting flavor twist to the caramel chocolate. It’s a bit salty hint of a tangy flavor before you get to the sweet caramel. However in this case, I’d opt no on the sea salt. I’m not huge fan. I loved the chocolate caramel chocolates themselves. They are very tasty.


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