Forecast in the Midwest: 100% snowy & totally random things…

This is my porch covered in tons and tons of snow. I have this paranoia that there’s going to be too much snow it will collapse my porch. Thus my goal  today is to venture outside and tackle it! If it wasn’t for my strange paranoia I think it’s rather beautiful to be layered in snow.

Getting ready to go outside in my bright pink snow pants, silver foil colored boots (too bad not in the picture, they are a hoot!) and large shovel. It has been incredibly cold but thankfully not today. This is my first snow outing of the season!  

Snow Angels anyone? Thankfully the snow was not icy since it was very powdery! *Shakes head* ah not very good snowball or snowman making snow. My mom was egging me on to make a snowman the last time it snowed. 1 hr later and loads of help from my dad the porch is now safe 😀

Other totally random things:

On Friday I went with my mom to Mall of America for some last-minute browsing. I got cat-rimmed glasses necklaces from Forever 21 Jewelry Store. $2.80 dollars. It’s been quite a hit! My family thinks they are hilarious. Maybe fake glasses will be the new “fake” mustache trend. Who knows? LOL. Anyways, Forever 21 has really trendy, good quality and inexpensive jewelry items if you are still looking for a little something extra. Their pricing is great! ($2-$10) I’d never consider making jewelry again. They also had some cute bow hair clips I might have to get next time.

Cuties are my absolutely favorite fruits! They are on sale again this week at Rainbow Grocery Stores for $2.78 for 3lbs (with rainbow coupon). I love citrus fruits however I usually hate peeling them because it’s gets everywhere and in my nails. But I love cuties because they are so peel-able! I seriously eat like 6 at time or until my stomach hurts.
Christmas came a bit early this year for me. My parents got me this red (metallic red-pink or what we like to call Japanese ‘Red’) Sony Ereader for the holidays since they were able to snag a good deal on Black Friday at Wal-mart. This is quite a treat because I was attempting to slowly save up swagbucks amazon gift cards to get a Kindle. I really wanted to get back into reading and I have no idea where non-campus libraries were. Anyways, I really like it. I’ve only read 4 books on it but everything seems to running smoothly and easy to navigate. My favorite part about ereader technology is the long lasting battery life. I hate charging electronics and this one last weeks! Only odd thing is Sony decided to add these 1-9 buttons on the side so you can type in page numbers but I haven’t really used that function. However when you turn off the reader and turn it back on it automatically saves the page you are on.

Max told me of about this free online service called Project Gutenberg here. It’s totally legit ebook downloads for FREE!!!
You don’t need a ereader to use it as you can download and read it on your laptop, ipod, portable device… etc. You can download in all sorts of different files.

1. Project Gutenberg is Free, downloadable books
2. There’s 33,000 available
3. No fee or registration

The catch is that these books are OLD and have since had their copyrights expired. So you can find great classics but not new novels.
*Project Gutenberg is for US use because copyrights have expired in the United States. For other countries, you need to look at copyright dates.

Last but not least… if you have a Lunds or Byerlys Grocery store around you, you must try their Favorite Recipes chocolate chip cookies!
They are absolutely without a doubt the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve had. I don’t know what it is but the texture is OMG good. My dad sometimes gets them from his work and I’m normally not a fan of chocolate chip cookies but these are really good!!! They also have this delicious raisin, chip, and nuts cookie. I don’t know how they give their cookie so much flavor and texture. It tastes better as you eat it. It’s quite addicting!


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