Warning: Companies to avoid (Woman Within & One Stop Plus)

I normally wouldn’t put up such a negative post but I want consumers to be aware. From my own personal experience and the reviews of many other readers on slickdeals & hip2save blog I’ve come to this realization: mistakes happen but the service afterwards is crucial part of a good company. Just because a deal goes viral doesn’t mean that companies can pretend it wasn’t their own responsibility and silently delete orders!

These online clothing/home companies under Redcats brand here I would avoid!

Woman Within here, OneStopPlus.com here

  • They DO NOT honor their OWN codes or coupons
  • They have tendency to over-charge credit cards without approval (codes fail X_X)
  • They will delete your orders without e-mail saying that your order was cancelled
  • They “pretend” that their codes were mis-used, leaked, etc, and yet they posted the same code their website
  • They don’t have their act together when you attempt to use customer service
  • They quickly censor negative responses on their social media sites
  • Their live chat is always down

Even when a deal goes viral consumers still have rights against credit fraud, protection against bait & switch and other negatory business practices. If this happens to you, make sure to take the time to file a complaint against them through the better business bureau!!! here.  

I get stellar deals from time to time and once in a while a dud. But I won’t put up with any company that doesn’t take responsibility for what they do and stand behind their own services.

So to all my readers out there, be confident, be honest, and the saying too good to be true is not always right because there are great deals out there. Doesn’t mean you should avoid deals or coupons or great things in your life. It’s all about people helping people and always remember there’s no way anyone ever gets the right to scam you!


2 thoughts on “Warning: Companies to avoid (Woman Within & One Stop Plus)

  1. I was wondering about woman within. Their clothes look good and I need something like they advertise. But I tried to make an order and use my Paypal, not wanting to give a new company my credit card number. One the checkout for Womanwithin.com, it keeps coming up that my Paypal won’t work. I called their number, and they said it must be my paypal account, but there’s nothing wrong with my paypal account. I think they just want my credit card number. The person had an accent, and I asked them what language it was and where are you, and I sensed a reluctant reply, “Texas”. Well, I don’t want an Hispanic to feel badly because of my bold question. I wish I knew accents better and could tell what was their first language. Is it an enemy trying to get ah old of our credit card numbers? Just wondering. Anyway, I will let others find out about companies and I will use one that has high ratings. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Womanwithin.com is horrible.I placed an order on 4/29/2011 they said it was in stock.A week later I went to check the status and it said it was in back order and would ship on 5/19/2011 well I wrote many emails all went unanswered.I still have not received my top.I will never do business with them again.

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