Holiday Wish List 2010 Picks : My own.

 I’ve been churning out lists since November that I feel like I’m always a month ahead! Well I follow a bunch of deal bloggers and I’m always wondering what they actually buy or want midst all the things this holiday season.  This holiday wish list is my personal wishes for 2010,  I’ve been a  good so maybe some of these will find their way to my tree. LOL. Anyways, I hope that my list will also be able to give my readers some insight on how to cater or what to buy.

My 2010 Wishlist:
– if you don’t know already I’m job searching for a full time position. I guess it’s the economic recession but I feel like other adults hear recent graduate and they just frown. Anyways, that won’t stop me! I am hoping to be find a career that combines non-profit work and marketing campaigns or something on the lines of working with companies sponsoring charities. So pop me a msg if anything of that sort comes along the way, it would be much appreciated.  (Price: Priceless)Ice Cube Tray -this may seem silly but our ice maker is not functional. I would love to get some funky silicone ice cube trays in different shapes. So I can finally enjoy my viet coffee! (Picture above are some ikea trays I found at $1.99)

Homemade Lemon Bars -these are one of my favorite desserts but I can’t seem to be able to make them. Last time I tried to make them from a mix and I ended up with nasty egg bars! A baking failure if I’ve ever tasted one. I would love a homemade treat.

I heart Snail Mail: sometimes I think I’m holding up the postal office with all the mail that’s I’m sending out or cramming into my mailbox. Well since highschool I’ve been collecting postcards. I absolutely love getting hand written letter or a postcard in the mail. I feel like sometimes with life being as busy as it is, staying in touch is a difficult situations so it totally warms my heart to receive a something personal. (Price: $0.34-0.44 cents)
Remington T-studio Cermanic Pearl Curling Wand or Conair Infiniti Curling Wand
I guess I’m a sucker for product review videos. I saw this product reviewed by Youtube beauty guru of Beauty Broadcast and I really want to try this product. It’s suppose to make long-lasting curls. Well I’ve never owned a curling iron so maybe it’s about time to get one. Oh if you do own one I’d love to hear your comments about the product. (Sold at Target, Ulta, CVS $25-30)

Cozy Plaid Scarf from the Gap
Yesterday is was absolutely freezing cold like 1 degree. The huge snow fall last week and the temperatures decreasing I’d love to get my hands on this scarf. I tried it on and I didn’t want to take it off. It is so cozy, soft, and comes in 5 colors! I personally love the purple one. (Sold at Gap stores & for $30 dollars) Gap seems to been having constant, random 40-50% off everything in stores.

Homemade Flannel Tie Blanket
Ok, so I might have had a motto behind showing the tie blanket in my DIY gifts because I think it’s awesome! I love blankets! I’ve yet to own one of these but I’ve admired from a far all the ones my friends have gotten. (Price ???)

Grey Sweatpants – Junior M, Women’s S
I’ve always wanted to own a pair of run of the mill plain grey sweatpants with an elastic waist band. I don’t want frills or logos on my butt. But it seems like every time I tried to find a pair I’m left with the XXL size. Sadness. (Price: Who knows I can’t find them)

Before I went to college I adored reading and while some people don’t like books I loved getting interesting books. Books that I’m interested in right now are Listography (journal with lists to fill out), any of Keri Smith books (wreak that journal, this is not a book, funky journal prompts, and Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I also open to a good suspense novel if you got one in mind (Sold at major bookstores, Price $-$$)
Candle Lighter
Recently I’ve being obsessed with candles, however I suck at lighting them with a regular lighter. Most of the time I singe my finger tips or need back up because the lighter won’t light. Well I thought this was just me so my dad’s solution today was to use a blow torch! Obviously that ended horribly with him burning 3 fingers and now detesting my candles. Anyways a candle-lighter would be sweet. (Price $ -I’m uncertain ‘cuz I haven’t owned one)

Workout Dvds
So I decided that since I got an band + mp3 player that I should work out. Well I hate running, yoga is too slow for me and I’m not flexible and after 4 years of having and not using a gym membership I think I might resort to videos. I don’t know where to start on this subject? I’ve had friends who use them and like them. I don’t know which one to get or what is a good “workout” video? I’m at lost at this subject so could someone enlighten me?
(I think you can get them at local retailers rice $-$$)

I use to think that giftcards were a cope out to trying to find a gift. But I guess as I got older I realized how hard it is to find the “perfect gift” and giftcards can be a great surprise when you get to the checkout counter and realize no out of pocket costs! During the holidays you often can find that stores are offering bonus cards for buyers and free shipping. The only gripe I have now is getting a giftcard you’ll never use so if you are uncertain my hint is to stick to big local retailers that offer a variety of items.

Well I would love getting giftcards to Target, Wal-Mart, Ralphs Grocery stores, Bath & Body Works, San Diego Restaurant Synergy Card (sold at costco), Costco cash card, Borders, RiteAid, Daphne’s Greek Cafe, El Torito restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo restaurant, AMC movie tickets, Claim Jumper or Jake’s @ Del Mar restaurant. (Giftcards can purchased at store, online or giftcard towers in grocery stores Price $-$$)

Board Games:
I love getting boards games as it seems to be gift that is ever-changing with whom ever you play with. Recently I got ticket to ride and it was pretty fun. I’d love to acquire Blokus, Sequence, and Twister. My board game recommendations to others are: bananagrams, elixir, and quelf!

===> Search for Minnesota Hoodie… continues!
I want a Minnesota Hoodie that is *NOT* maroon or gold. I saw gal wearing a black and pink one at Costco but sadly I didn’t have the nerve to ask her where she got it. My quest for one has last 4 years since I went to college to the point Max has a Minnesota hoodie but I do not. However I do not enjoy maroon and gold combination so I may never get one.
Finally presents No-No’s:

In the end I find that I just like the thought that someone remembered me or created something personal. Things come and go but people stay. However with that said here a short lists of things I do not enjoy receiving: (if my readers have particular things they don’t like, please comment!)

1. NO Purses; my grandparents get me the same one every year for the last 3 years. I hate receiving purses because I find purse shopping to be very intimate and I’m very particular about my style. However, I do love receiving quirky reusable totes which I seem never to get enough of.

2. NO Jewelry
Usually jewelry gifts are highly wanted by women. I dislike getting jewelry and in particular pricey jewelry.  So unless I have personally circled the item out. I would avoid this decision. I find jewelry to be a tricky situation because it can get a great gift. But I just prefer to choose it my self because I rarely wear jewelry.

3. NO Autumn, Spices Scents
I’m always rambling about delicious scents. Well through trial & error I’ve learned how I dislike most Fall & Winter seasonal scents such as apple, cinnamon, autumn, pines, wintergreen and etc. However I do love citrusy scents!

4. NO Minty, Tingling Lip Stuff = Burning Pain
Anything with menthanol or ingredients to “plump” “tingle” or “minty” will causes my lips to burn. It’s unforunate truth and despite pretty packaging I must avoid it at all costs.

With that being said, Happy Holidays!


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