[Promotional Offer] Got Change?

Coinstar is a machine that counts all your change and gives you either a cash slip (charges a fee for) or giftcard (no fee). Well they are currently have a great promotion!

Get a $10 bonus when you cash in your coins for at least $40 in an eCertificate or gift card. No fee!!!

Promotion Dates end 12/31/10 11:59pst -exception with Amazon* .These stores:
amazon.com ($10 gift code,  promo ends 12/22/10 *it can now be used on any amazon.com sold items!)
regal cinemas

Giftcards take approx 1-2 weeks to be mailed.

It’s a sweet deal if you already spend money at these stores because it’s like getting 25% bonus. Great for the holiday season and something nifty for yourself. ^_^

*For more information click on the link here
*Not all coinstars are participating! Make sure that the coinstar you are using offers giftcard vouchers. You can check via the coinstair website locater.
*One offer per store per household


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