December: Life up North

So I was wrong it is VERY cold in Minnesota. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my daily posts. But right now I’m being compelled to go to my grandparents so I may be MIA for awhile but don’t worry I’ll have net even if it’s painfully slow. I guess I’m growing patience?

Recent Events:
I flew up for the holidays and I suppose it was because it’s before the actual flying season. The airport was rather empty. Lucky for me.
They already have these weird x-ray machines in the airport.

I just experienced my first snow of the season!
We ate at Hibachi Buffet for lunch. My mother’s love for asian style buffets is endless and far reaching. (Review)

My mom & I went to Mall of America (MOA). I love indoors malls and this is the BIGGEST MALL in AMERICA. ^^
They set up all these awesome decorations and they had a orchestra performing by Sears. While my mom was returning something, I got to go to the Lush counter. It was pretty exciting because we don’t have one. However, I haven’t gotten anything yet. Any suggestions?


The remainder of my Sephora order came in the mail!  This is a picture from my Free Getaway Kit. Stay tuned for review on the smashbox eyeliner palette I talked about earlier. My B&BW Slatkin & Co Pomegranate Lemonade arrived. It smells delicious like pink lemonade!

Mom and I went to Costco. They were sampling popcorn. I tried some and it was really yummy. It makes me really want a popcorn tin.

Then I went to our newly remodeled SUPER Wal-mart. It’s got a huge grocery section! I went to check out their gift baskets but their selection was limited. So I was a little disappointed by the season is still young. ^^ They did have a Caress Souffle set that looked enticing and I heard good reviews about it.

Ok well I have to shove some brownie cookies in my mouth and  flee before my grandparents realize how late we are! I promise to be back with with more posts.

Posts on my list to do:
Guest Post by Max (Men’s Holiday Wish List Picks)
Receipe: Fried rice by my Dad
How-To: Create a festive DIY gift in a pinch!
Review: a tasty new candy bar you’ve just got to try
Top Pick: Got-to have products under $10 dollars

Please comment if  there’s something you want me to review, write about or you are interested in seeing more of!


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