My trip to Krispy Kreme and the delicious irony of the assembly line

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
4180 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117
Krispy Kreme has being churning out donuts since 1937. I did not know about their delicious-ness until around 2002 when they began entering Minnesota and kids were going wild for them!!! I remember when they use to have a store in the Mall of America and we’d wait in huge wrapping lines to buy a dozen to eat at the food court. Looking back at my friend Nina’s photos I remembered my recent visit there and how in awe I was over the donut assembly. It showed you the secrets of donut making, the birth, the life, the consumption, and the tragic death of rejects.
Their donuts are rarity! They look like a regular donut but their batter is lighter, airy, and the frosting is so delicious. It’s not too heavy which is what I fear from most donuts. They also have a yummy array of twisted and cream filled donuts. My favorites are the round chocolate glazed donut filled with custard cream and the original hot glazed donut. Their donuts are pricier than the regular donuts at the grocery store and local bakeries. They usually $1-1.50 each. But you can buy them for a discounted rate by the dozen $8-12. They even have tiny mini donut dozens!
Then ironically as quickly as the donut dissipating in your mouth the chain dissipated  and many locations near me closed. 😦
Until I found this one….

Information About Clairemont Location:
1. Bakery is very spacious & ample parking
2. Standard restaurant inside with tables, chairs, and the assembly line in full sight
3. Sells donuts, coffee, and assorted beverages
4. Still have free paper Krispy Kreme hats if you can ask for them  ^_^
5. Best Part is that you get a *FREE* piping hot sample of the original glazed donut at the counter  and the sample is the WHOLE donut ❤

I feel like when consuming Krispy Kreme donuts you can eat a lot than more donuts than usual since they are so airy. It can be very fattening >< but still so delicious. There was a worker at the end of assembly line crushing rejects in huge piles. Rejects need love too!

I’m really happy to have found a Krispy Kremes and if you haven’t tried one, you’ve really got to. They are melt in your mouth deliciousness!

(Interesting Fact)
They have Krispy Kreme Donuts in Shanghai, China. My dear friends purchased some for us at Expo. (Shift B is Sweet!)


2 thoughts on “My trip to Krispy Kreme and the delicious irony of the assembly line

  1. mmm….Krispy Kreme. They used to have stores in NJ too! But I don’t know if they still exist. I think the donuts at the Consulate thing were Krispy Kreme too. I had lots that night!! =P

  2. When our daughter Siobhan was born in NYU Medical Center in New York back in 1996, Krispy Kreme had just opened stores in NYC. The birth was difficult, so Siobhan and I had to stay at the hospital for a few days. Most of the nurses happened to be originally from the South, where Krispy Kreme originated. We were so pleased with the wonderful care those nurses gave us, my husband bought them all two dozen assorted Krispy Kremes as a thank-you. They were thrilled and grateful beyond belief; they’d been missing those fabulous doughnuts since they moved to New York, and they fondly regaled us with Krispy Kreme stories for the rest of our stay as they all came in to report that they’d just bought some for their families, to everybody’s surprise and delight! 🙂

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