Dinner at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
4839 Clairemont Square #F
San Diego CA 92117
Pizza Hut is a chain fast food pizza restaurant. I had not been to a Pizza Hut in ages since Dominoes is closer to my home.  However, I’ve always had a soft spot for going to Pizza Hut and redeeming mini pizzas for good grades or getting their crazy stuffed crust pizzas for my birthday. It appears that major pizza places are slashing their prices and lucky for us so is Pizza Hut.

Well we stopped at the Clairemont Square location for a quick pickup. Ordering pizza has made me realize to what extent technology has become a part of my food consumption and how strangely wonderful it is. ^^

Now you can order pizzas online, they already have a variety of coupon codes, and it tells you step by step who makes your pizza and when you can pick it up.

This particular location was only a pick-up store so there was no dining area. The service was efficient, fast, and accurate.
We ordered a large Speciality pizza
(half hawaiin -my favorite & half meatlovers) $12

I absolutely love pineapples on pizza. I don’t know how many of you have tried but it’s delicious! I love being able to “half” my pizzas.
Honey BBQ Chicken Wings 8 piece
(We got a wing + fries deals so I think around $8 for both)
*Wednesdays Pizza Hut has $0.50 cents wings deal in every flavor!

I liked how we could get bone-less wings for the same price and making it easier to eat. You have option of bone-out, crispy or traditional. They have 8 different flavors: buffulo burning hot-medium-mild, lemon pepper, honey BBQ, spicy BBQ, garlic parmesan, and spicy Asian.
Seasoned Wedge Fries
I love fries! These were nicely seasoned, ample amount and yummy!

Overall, we had a fablous meal at Pizza Hut. Their new prices are more affordable than before and I like how they have a deals tab on their website so you don’t have to go looking in the newspaper. Only downside at this location was that if you did want to dine-in there’s no seating. But I guess it does keep the prices down.

{Interesting Fact}
Pizza Hut in China is a very nice sit-down restaurant. I believe each pizza overseas is around $15-20 dollars min. They have crazy pizza like salad pizza, morning breakfast pizza, eggplant pizza, and variety of asian fusion items.


4 thoughts on “Dinner at Pizza Hut

  1. sophie! i like your blog 🙂


    btw, Callahan’s wing night – you have to try their suicide wings. IT’S FIERY, no lie! and blueberry beer not bad either.

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