Getting Ready for Pre-Thankgiving Feast

Our friends in San Diego decided to have a pre-thanksgiving dinner because everyone is leaving to return home to their parents. My friend Annie insisted that we celebrate with our San Diego home too. ❤ These are pictures I took through out the process.  It was a blast and everything turned out superb!
My friend Mike is a bread expert! Here’s some of his french bread.

Annie preparing the turkey and using a syringe to insert wine. It looks so intense. I’m glad I did not have embark on this.
Max & I made cheddar cheese biscuits! They seem to be a hit. I’ll be posting the recipe and the rest of the photos soon. -So more to come
Allan’s Ratatouille was very colorful & delicious
Mike made his famous stuffing. I really like the variety of items as it has interesting texture.
Hodgepodge of other foods on the counter: Annie’s friends made a yummy cranberry sauce, there’s more stuffing, homemade gravy and mashed potatoes. Kristy & Demetri made pumpkin & pecan pies but unfortunately I  did not take a picture of those. We also had a scrumptious salad, Max’s friends brought martini sparkling cider, creamed corn, and pop. It was quite a feast!
Us getting ready to chow down…while half the boys surround the t.v. watching football. It really feels like Thanksgiving.
The end result…my plate of Thanksgiving.

I’m very thankful to have such wonderful friends and be able to spend a early Thanksgiving with them. ^^


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