Feed it Forward: Restaurant.com $10 Promo

Feed it Forward
Restaurant.com is once again having their holiday Feed it Forward promotion. Basically you are able to give away for *Free* (40) $10 gift cards to 40 different people with a e-mail address per day for 40 days! You can find the link here.

Details about the promotion:
1. You do have to create a account with restaurant.com to use your code
2. To gift a $10 gift card your person needs to have a valid e-mail address
3. You are able to give out up to (40) gift certificates a day.
4. There’s no expr. date on $10 restaurant code. 1 yr for restaurant vocher
5. Each restaurant gift card has specific instructions or exclusions
6. Gift codes are immediately redeemable, -computer printable
7. 9,500+ restaurants participating across the US

*I’m uncertain whether or not you can gift more than (1) gift card per person per day or if it’s just once throughout the program. With that being said if you want more gift cards I’m sure you could convince your friends to pay it forward.

Other things to note about Restaurant.com Gift Cards:
I’ve checked out a bunch of them and to be honest it’s really not a “gift card” but more like a 50 off $20 meal. Since many of the gift card promotion due have exclusions, $20 min, and 18% tax. So it’s not a free meal since you do have to spend money.

Why use a Restaurant.com certificate?
– People who love trying new restaurants
-If you have occasion in mind (birthday, date, anniversary)
-Have a favorite restaurant, if it’s featured then you are just saving money you were going to spend anyway

…why not save a few buck if it costs you nothing. ^^

They do sell larger amount “gift cards” on their website which are great for big groups to save. Since you usually pay the 18% tip for groups of larger than 6 anyways. Also Restaurant.com often has promo codes so you should be able to snag one for $2-3. You do get  % back when buying through your Ebates link.

My Experience
I’ve purchased regular $15 gift cards from restaurant.com and overall my experience has been great. The restaurants are usually very informed about the promotion going on, the voucher information on the inclusions/exclusions, easy to use and I save money. If you usually pay 15% tip bumping it up to 18% is only 0.60 cent difference on a $20 meal.

Average Meal Scenario
$20+tax (8.75 in SoCal) + tip 18% off original = $15.35 total.

Not as great as full $10 off 20 but still much  better than original $24.75 you would pay with a meal + tax + tip 15%.

I just printed one for Kati Thai Cafe! It’s got 4.5 star review on Yelp. So I’m really excited to check them out.

*Disclaimer: not affiliated with company, promotion, or any restaurants*


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