Holiday Wish List Pick 3

Here’s to my weekly brainstorming for the holidays! It’s only 35 days until Christmas. I’m really excited because I’ve already finished 3 and almost a half presents for my dear friends and hopefully the rest by the end of the week. (crossing my fingers). ^^
Slatkin & Co Candles 4oz ($9.50)
I absolutely adore these candles. I purchased a few this November and I’ll be writing a product review on them soon so stay posted. These candles burn wonderful and smell great. They can be purchased at your Bath & Body store and they often go on sale for $5. Great for hostess gift or housewarming.

I love to eat and experience delicious foods. However, only recently have I began making things from scratch and not a box. I think if you have a favorite cookbook or know of one that’s great, cookbook would make excellent gifts. Sure you can find most recipes online for free these days but there’s just something that’s cool about just being able to open a book and be inspired. Recently Taste of Home has been having $5 cookbook sales which were originally $20+. Or something really nifty & crafty cool is if you created DIY cookbook for someone with all your favorite recipes. It would be inexpensive and intimate present. ❤
I’m always a sucker for funky, cool journal. Something about feeling of clean white pages craving to be written on. Journals are getting for writing stories, lists, experiences, and just doodling. Great places to find them are Michael’s craft store (tons in dollar bins), Hallmark (like the one pictures $10), (handmade journals -immortal longings has a great Shakespeare styled journals), and most bookstores.
I really like ones with hardcovers and lined pages but to each their own.
I remember hearing someone say to get to someone’s heart is through their stomach? Well chocolates are delicious treat! They can range from childhood favorites like Reese to gourmet chocolates like Godiva’s. Recently I received coupons  from Godiva promoting 25% of any item. So if you haven’t joined their Godiva Rewards club, it’s a good time to join because you might get similar coupons in the mail. has been offering some $1 off coupons on various chocolates and even Target has some printable coupons through their website (on bottom under coupon link). Another treat to mail (if they don’t melt) are See’s chocolates because I know for instance in MN we only have the mail cart of See’s but I haven’t seen a actual See’s store.


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