Excited for the Holidays: Gift card deals

The holidays are quickly approaching us! Not to be materialistic but sometimes it’s dreadful hard to find the perfect gift for person on your list and that’s where gift cards come in handy. It’s perfect for acquaintances, bosses, friends or additional to any gift basket.

Also in the state of California there’s a law stating *NO EXPIRATION* on gift cards and many other stores have taken away monthly fees/ opening costs.

Right now many of my favorite stores are offering a “little something something” for your gift card purchases that’s worth checking out. Plus if you think gift cards are too impersonal you can always buy some for yourself to SAVE the whole year through!!!

These are are some of my favorite current promotion going on for gift card purchases
. Here’s the link to the full list on Slick Deals. *Disclaimer I’m not affiliated with any of these company, brands, or products.

AMC theatres – Buy $50 in GCs, get $10 Concession Card.

APPLEBEES Buy $50 GC, get $10 GC -Bonus GC Valid through 2/28/11 http://slickdeals.net/forums/show…&t=2368583

Barnes and Noble – Buy $100 gift card, receive $10 promotional e-gift card (promotional e-gift card will be emailed on 12/26/2010

Benihana-For every $50 gift card you purchase through December 31st, get a $10 promotional card that can be used January 2nd through March 31st 2011.

Borders.com – Buy $50 in gift cards get a free $5 gift card (through 11/30/2010)

Claim Jumper (per LA Times) Buy $50 GC, get $10 reward card valid 1/10-3/31/10 & a complimentary card for a slice of chocolate motherlode cake on your next visit valid thru 1/9/11

Cosi – Buy $50 gift card, receive $10 bonus gift card (bonus gift card good from 1/2/20100 to 2/6/2011)

Corner Bakery – $5 bonus for every $25 in gift cards. (Bonus good in Jan.)

Culver’s Buy a $20 Gift Card, Get a Double Deluxe Combo Free http://slickdeals.net/forums/show…&t=2365797 – Thanks Jeremers

Curry House – Buy a $30 gift card, get bonus house-food brand items free + coupons while supplies last. Ask for the “lucky bag”

Denny’s – Buy a $20 GC, get $5 free (dates unknown)

DSW – Buy $50 GC and receive $10 Bonus GC (Bonus GC can be used between 1/15-1/30).

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – Buy $100 GC, get $20 bonus voucher. (See Outback Steakhouse offer.)

The Limited – Buy $50 in gift cards through 11/14, get a $10 reward for use between 11/15-12/24

Little Caesars – Buy $25 GC and get $5.

Potbelly Sandwich Works – Buy $25 gift card, get a free sandwich.

Red Robin — Buy $25 in GC’s, get $5 in bonus bucks.
Or buy $500 in GC’s, get a 20% discount.

Robeks– Buy a $25 gc, get a free 24oz smoothie

Souplantation – Buy $50 in gift cards, get a free meal pass no expiration

Taco Bell – Buy $10 GC, get 32oz soda immediately Free. (I purchased 5 GC’s so the manager wrote a note for my Free drinks.)

TGI Friday – Buy $25 in GC Get $5 bonus card; Buy $50 GC, get $10 bonus card.

Vons – buy $150 Gift Cards from the “Gift Card Mall” display in store, get $15 off your shopping order. Note: $150 cannot be giftcards for Vons.

1. Make sure to keep all your gift cards in a place you will remember
2. Mark the amount on the gift card. (I usually just put on a post -it)
3. Look over limitations like expiration dates, monthly fees, and opening costs-I prefer gift cards that don’t have these issues
4. If you receive a gift card you don’t like. Don’t throw it away. You can always re-gift to someone else, use to to purchase actual gifts, sell it for discounted price online, or trade it with someone else.
5. Make sure the card is in mint condition and pin is still covered when you purchase them.


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