Boathouse: $10 Lobster Wednesdays

Boathouse Restaurant website
2040 Harbor Island Dr # 200
San Diego, CA 92101-1018
(619) 291-8011

When my dear friend from SillyLynnie told us about this great deal, Max and I could not wait to check them out as we  are both seafood lovers!  The Boathouse is located in downtown San Diego by the harbor. The restaurant’s highlights are it’s seafood and aMazing daily deals. They have $12 1lb Alaskan Crab Mondays, $10 Lobster Wed, $12 Prime rib Fridays, and free birthday meal deal.

Hook. Line. & Sinker! Our group of 7 made a reservation and headed down there for Lobster Wednesdays! It was my first time at the Boathouse. The restaurant does cater to older crowd, their regular menu $$$, and their lighting is very dim. So please pardon my fuzzy & over-flashed photos. I was pleased to discover the atmosphere to be friendly and attire to be casual.

Before I get to the food of the night, let me explain their deals.
All their “special” meal deals require the purchase of  another item. It doesn’t matter what the item is but you need to make purchase something additional to each of your “special” deal.  I think the lowest menu items are their sides dishes $4-7. Server told me that substituting sides which costs additional $3 is fine too.

$10 for ENTIRE Maine Lobster comes with Rice Pilaf, Butter, and Lemon
For instances, our group purchased cups & bowls of soup, side dishes and beverages. These ranged from $3-8.

Anyways, after we were seated, the server brought over some delicious warm french bread & butter.
We were quickly given glasses of water and we ordered the lobsters. Our appetizers came promptly.
Limeade Martini Rimmed with Sugar (They said it tasted like a watermelon Jolly Rancher)
Soup of the day: French Onion Soup with Baguette $5

New England Clam Chowder in Bowl $8
Max & I both enjoyed this soup. I thought it was a bit on the pricier side but the soup was very creamy and had nice chunks of fresh clam.

OMG! The lobster took nearly a century to arrive to our table and into our hungry bellies! Seriously took like 45-60 min. But I suppose it was their promotional item of the night and maybe lobsters are feisty animals that don’t like to be eaten? But it was worth the wait!
$10 Maine Lobster with rice pilaf, butter, and lemon.
This lobster was HUGE! It clearly impressed me because I was expecting smaller for the price. The meat was fresh without having a seafood taste. They also gave us metal tools and lobster bibs! There was plenty of meat in the lobster. YUM! Worthy of  the $10 deal.
However, the rice pilaf was ordinary.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $4
The side of garlic mashed potatoes was disappointment. The garlic taste was muted perhaps Max’s love for garlic in his cooking has made me immune. But I felt it tasted just like regular potatoes, it had russet red skins and was nothing spectacular. However if you don’t like anything else on the menu I believe this is the most affordable additional side dish.

Our server was friendly but seemed to be busy most of the night with other tables. It also noted for groups of 6+ there is 18% tip charge.
Oh towards the end of the meal, the server asked us about dessert. I was bummed because I was really full and I had spent a long time earlier looking for a dessert menu. So I’m uncertain what things they offer but perhaps they have it on their website.

Verdict: I probably would not dine here on a non-deal night since their prices were $$$ on their menu and other than the lobster I found the food to be ordinary. But for special treat and a great deal on seafood, I can see myself coming back for more.


One thought on “Boathouse: $10 Lobster Wednesdays

  1. I used to come here a lot for lobster Wednesday. It’s something they’ve been doing for a long time. For a while, they raised the price of the lobsters, but then they dropped it back down again. The wait is always long for the lobster since it what everyone is ordering that night. I love the lobster here, but don’t care much for the pilaf. I like the clam chowder too.
    The rest of the food isn’t that great from my experience and it is pricey, so I only come for the lobster Wed. I’ve never done the King Crab. I didn’t think the prime rib night is that great. The birthday prime rib meal is fun though since it is free.

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