(How-To) Max’s Nifty Jewelry Solution

I have this extremely long and ever growing to do list. Thankfully Max was able to come up with this ingenious solution. Best part is that it was all things that he already owned. I’m pretty sure you probably have similar items at home too. I am so ecstatic to have something to contain my mess!!!

2 chopsticks
Plastic Box
Hot glue gun
Plastic Mesh (can be purchased at a craft store or even a Wal-mart, I think it’s like 0.30cent for a huge piece?)

Cut the length of mesh you could like to use
Hot glue chopsticks into plastic box
Hot glue the plastic mesh on the chopsticks
(Viola! Project is ready to use! Feel free to substitute any items & any sizes to your own preferences. You might have to work with the mesh in case your jewelry turns out to be particularly heavy. Solution is to keep the heavier stuff closer to the chopsticks side of the mesh)

Woot! My new pride & joy! It’s not fancy looking but it’s absolutely perfect because it fit in tiny sink corner.
It holds all my earrings, hair pieces, hair clips and jewelry without being too messy or tangled.

P.s. I just got the long dangle pearl earrings at Forever 21. They are very light and I find easy to coordinate into my outfits.
Forever 21 has some great jewelry deals. ^_^
I got a bunch of those elastic hairbands 10 for $1.50. Who can beat that?


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