First Holiday Wish list 2010 Picks

Lately, it’s strange weather in California where I’m bundled up or the city is having a hot flash. Nevertheless it seems that the winter holidays are quickly approaching us as everywhere I go I see signs & display for holiday gifts, Christmas decorations, and pre-black Friday Sales.

Other than my epic journey for a job I’ve become quite enticed into the world of what to get someone for the Holidays.
Recently I re-discovered the wonders of good smelling stuff and how happy they make me so many things on my wish list and suggestions seem to be in that category. I’m also always looking for nifty DIY presents so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of these company or products.
All my links are legit, free programs. Just my suggestions because I use them and I like to see others save. 😀

My Holiday Favorites:
Smashbox Limited Edition: Burlesque Set (Instore/Online)
It’s inspired from the new Cher & Christina Aguilera movie called “Burlesque” which by the way I want to see. The kit is on the shimmery pink side but I like well put together the kit is. When I tested it at Sephora I liked how creamy the eyeshadow quad was, long-lasting effect of the black eyeliner pen, I love the raspberry color for lips and interesting hint of multi-color shimmer in the pink shimmer. It’s also a great way to try out a bunch of makeup products for a discounted price. (Kit is offered at Sephora, Ulta, &

[PROMO] If you haven’t has some pretty cool deals such their Free pretty points rewards club, free gift on your birthday, free shipping on any order and every tuesday/thursday “let’s do lunch” where you get a free gift during purchase between 9am-2pm (pst).

Also Ebates is offering 4% cashback for Smashbox purchase and 5% for Ulta and 5% for Sephora. Ebates is a free program and for signing up you get $5 back automatically when you earn $5. *Ebates is great because wide-range of retailers use them

Victoria Secret LIVE Pink Fragrance ($10-30 avaliable instore/online)
I absolutely love this fragrance! It’s just enticing scent without being overpowering or too sweet and has adorable packaging.
VS describes this scent as bright blend of passion fruit and raspberry nectar for the independent thinker who is inspired by art, craves culture and passionate about changing the world. -Sounds like all good things to me ^_^
Victoria Secret Luscious Kisses Body Butter ($10.50)
I guess with the weather changes my skin is drier than usual so I’m been researching different body butters to try out. Previously I’ve never used a body butter but I’m a packaging addict so these tubs of lotion really interested me. I like how Victoria Secret updates their packaging and it seems to be getting better.  So far I’ve tried Bath & Body work body butter & the Body Shop body butter. VS body butter is much lighter consistency and feels more like it’s been whipped. I prefer lighter smells for everyday use and I like luscious kisses as it’s floral with a hint of coconut/tropical feel. *If you are buying for multiple people, VS signature collection often has buy 6 for $30 deals or 3 for $21which makes it more affordable. Deal can be used on entire signature line of spray, lotions, shower gel, body butter and mix & match different scents.

[PROMO] Currently if you purchase any $10 item at VS store or any purchase VS online you get secret Angel’s reward card for at least $10 but could be as much as $50 or $100 for free! One reward card per person per day at a store or one reward card per order online. It’s happening all of November and you get to redeem your card in December. -More details on the VS website. I did this in the spring and I loaded up on mini VS fragrances (great for traveling) and lip items. Also nice when you buy a gift you get little something for yourself. ❤

Amazon Kindle 3 ($139-189 sold online & instores)
It’s pricer gift but man is it cool. They have display models at Target & Best Buy if you want to test it out. The Kindle is super lightweight, energy efficient, and fraction of the price they use to sell for. It’s would be a great gift for someone who loves reading, travel a lot or likes cool new tech devices. I only wish they had a ebook library. It works with any pdfs and 3G models allows you access Amazon kindle bookstore anywhere.
Listography by Lisa Nola ($11.53 sold Amazon, most bookstores)
My best friend Emily has this book and she recommend it me. I love making lists about everything and anything. The book has a nice cover, good amount of lists to cover and quirky illustrations. Since the first listography book there’s also listography for music, love, my listography, friends, and listography website just for making lists! I don’t know how they each compare but sounds like a cool idea.









Fred & Friends– Interesting gifts for all aspects of your life
I recently stumbled upon these hilarious things when I was looking at Swirl pop-up holiday Shop and then saw another recommendation for them on Pioneer Woman’s blog.
Anyways they sell a funny collections of stuff like the chill pill ice cubes, desk dodge ball crew and knot post-its. I think they have great suggestions for someone in your life that may have everything or like quirky but practical items. I totally get the ice cubes because I really need some ice cubes because our fridge ice machine broke and I’ve been dying for some viet coffee. Other than chill pill they have ice cubes shaped like revolvers, brain matter, skulls and more…





Thanks for reading my first holiday wish list picks.

More to come ……


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