Pho Ca Dao

Pho Ca Dao
8373 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

Pho Ca Dao is a Vietnamese restaurant that I often visit with my friends. I hear this particular restaurant is a chain but I’ve only been to the Mira Mesa Location. The restaurant serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes, really fast service and family-friendly, clean establishment.
We started off with the egg rolls $5 (comes 6 eggrolls -we were hungry so only 4 in pic- lettuce, basil, mint leaves, fish sauce)
I always really liked their egg rolls. They are crispy and have a good mixture/texture on the inside. You can use the lettuce to wrap around the egg roll. I guess it would make it healthier?

DAC BIET XE LUA (Extra Large Bowl) $6.45 (5.70 for small bowl)
It comes with house special combo of sliced steak, well-done steak, marble brisket, flank, soft tendon & tripe.
Their large sizes are pretty big. It comes with lemon & mint/basil leaves,and  bean sprouts. They also have hosin sauce & sriracha spicy sauce for using with your meal. I like to dip my noodles in the mixture. The meat was bit overcooked so it was chewy. In general, I usually prefer Pho Tai (rare steak) due to this circumstance. I like the broth and Max seemed to like the other ingredients as well.
Broken Rice dish with PorkChops $7 (it comes with cucumbers, tomato, fish sauce, broken rice, porkchop & a bowl of pho soup)
I love broken rice. Perhaps because I never have it at home but the taste & texture always seems to hit the spot. There’s also nice balance of meat, veggies, and soup in the meal. The meat was tender, nicely flavored and grilled.

Overall I really like Pho Ca Dao atmosphere and service. Everything came promptly and the establishment is nicer than other Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to in San Diego. It’s amazing how fast they can re-fill your drinks! It’s doubtful you’ll ever finish a cup without them immediately filling it. The servers are friendly, attentive, and food is prompt.


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