Flemings Happy Hour (5for6’til7pm)

Flemings Steakhouse
8970 University Center Lane,
San Diego, CA 92122

Flemings is a traditional Prime Steakhouse & Grill. The restaurant is rather hard to find as it is wedged between  a hotel and interesting parking structure. Few times you have go inside the hotel then outside to get to the restaurant. Restaurant is very classy, $$$, and dimly lit.We stopped by to try out their Happy Hour Specials called 5 items for $6 until 7pm. They had 5 cocktails, 5 appetizers, 5 wines and their Flemings Prime burger.

This is currently what they are offering here: (from their website)

There was no wait in the outdoor patio, so we were quickly seated and they had nice heat lamps set up. My friends Amy & Lynn came with me so we got try a ample amount of the happy hour offerings. Their portions were much bigger than I expected. Everything is $6.
Tropical Martini (Taste just like Malibu Rum used)
Flemings Prime Rib Burger (came with onion rings, burger toppings, 1000 thousand island dressing)
This is the burger that all the ‘yelpers’ are ravings about. You got to choose between blue cheese, swiss and cheddar. We ordered 2 of them and they came pre-sliced in half which was nice. We both decided on swiss cheese and it came with bacon! I liked it, it was considerable size patty, juicy, and I enjoyed the bun. Lynn & Amy noted that despite asking for medium the burger was completely well done.

Sweet Chili Calamari
We all really enjoyed this dish. It was a beautiful plating of colors and ample amount of seafood. I suppose it was octopus but they were tiny had much better texture than the circle cut squid. I would recommend this dish. It does taste a bit buttery. Cajun Style Shrimp
The Cajun Style Shrimp dish came with shrimp drenched in sauce, bread, and lemon. My group did not enjoy this dish so much.
The portion was smaller (4-5shrimp) but the shrimp was big sized & tender. I thought it was bit spicy and the others though it was too much like something they had before so we did not take to this dish.
Tenderloin Carpaccio
This appetizer was the size of entree! It had lovely plating, garnished simply with thin cut vegetable, and side of toasted bread. Visually I really liked how this plate was presented and the amounts were more than I expected. It was tasty. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of seared/raw beef so I can’t really say how it compared to other similar carpaccio dishes.

They also have a jumbo shrimp cocktails & ahi seared tuna on their happy hour appetizer menu. But we were super full with our meal that we didn’t end up trying them out.

Flemings was really nice restaurant with really decent happy hour special, great portions, tasty food and most importantly affordable.
The food came out quickly and promptly. I would go back again!

**However it is to be noted that they had TERRIBLE SERVICE! I’m not sure if this is just because we were consuming for happy hour or that there was a larger group next to us or the fact that we were younger than the usual crowd but service was not a high-spot. The waitress basically forgot about us after the food was served, no re-filling drinks/water, and  I think one time she turned looked at our table only because she almost ran into the heat lamp. ** So in that perspective service is only a tab bit better than fast food restaurant.



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