Freebie Foodie Weds: Rubios, Tacobell, & TGI Fridays

Rubios -Tacos (Special Day Promotion)
This was a epic day of freebie consuming near the Fashion Valley mall area on a Wednesday. Max and I had stopped by Rubios for delicious free tacos (Rubio won best fish taco in San Diego). Max had the regular fish taco and I tried the mahi mahi taco with seasoned corn.
*Image from Orange County Register

Taco Bell-Fruitista’s (Online Coupon)
Ironically after first being denied at a Taco bell Food court since they didn’t have the new cream shakes and I thought I”d never find another Taco bell in the area. We found a Taco Bell store right next to the Rubios. We got to try their new fruitista orange cream shake.
It tasted just like a melted orange cream Popsicle! It was too sweet for my tastes. But we also got some cinnamon twist -throwback to my highschool days and Max got his nachoes.
*Image from Living Social Blog

TGI FRIDAYSVanilla Bean Cheesecake (TGI Rewards Card)
Finally we topped off the night with some free dessert at TGI Fridays. I was planning on going to TGI before our Copley hall concert but never got around to it. So we thought why not? The service was friendly and we got free ice cream with the cheesecake. It’s pretty cool you can make any dessert a la mode (with ice cream) for free at TGI Fridays!
The vanilla bean cheesecake was good and it had this mousse topping and plus the ice cream was really good. 😀


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