Max’s Delicious Homemade Sushi Rolls, Nigiri, & Inari

So I’ve been craving sushi for some time now so Max decided we should just make it. Sushi making is much more cost-effective and you can better control what on your plate.

All the items seen in the pictures can be purchased at Ranch 99 Grocery Store. We like the one on convoy.

Items needed to make sushi:
Raw salmon (refrigerated section of ranch)
Imitation Crab Meat (sushi rolls)
Wasabi Paste
Soy Sauce
Tofu Skins (fill up with rice)
Rice (vinegar, sugar, salt)
*optional -Sushi Rice roller, can be purchase at Daiso (Japanese Convenient Store) for under $2
*Feel free to use different fish or main ingredients, I just like salmon best. But they do sell octopus & ahi tuna @ Ranch

One of my favorite sushi is the Inari sushi. It’s basically a sweetened, fried tofu pocket fill with sushi rice.
It’s better eaten as finger food since it’s quite hard to use chopsticks with. Here’s a recipe I found on how to make it.

Sushi Roll: imitation crab meat & cucumbers, rice, and seaweed wrap

Nigiri: slice of salmon on sushi rice

There’s many different variation on how to make sushi rice online so I won’t go into in much detail.
But you mix regular rice with sugar, salt, and rice vinegar. The upside of making sushi rice rather than just using regular rice is the consistency becomes more solid and easier to work with. The “sticky” texture allow the rice to stick with ingredients and not crumble.

Overall these rolls turned out delicious.

[CON] We saved some for later. Unfortunately the rice became much harder so I’d recommend make only enough to eat one session.


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