Shrinky Dink post #2 Artistic Adventure or Disaster?

So recently I blogged about my new love/ hate relationship with
Shrinky Dink plastic. This is my second batch of new designs.

Please if you have any suggestions or creative ideas post them!
Right now I”m working on sanding and using some white shrink plastic.
But man it’s hard to work so hard and see the final product shrink so small. ><
I use a mixture of permanent markets and colored pencils.
I really like drawing comical things lately and I’m also big on pattern designs.
DUDE mustaches are so in lately! They are just hippest things and I adore them (though not real ones).

Anyways these are some of my new finished products.
You can also check them out at my Etsy store
Open to custom order.

Dude if you love designs check out these other Etsy artists:

BrokenFingersArt (The coloration & design of her pieces make me swoon!)

Passionflower (Great combination of simple, nature designs with hip pieces. I don’t know how she cuts so well!)

Their original pieces must be HUGE and take forever. If I didn’t have Epson printer I’d  invest in some inkjet shrinky dinks because man I’m getting lazy and it would be so much fast if I could print them. But I then maybe it’s not as charming as me tolling over them? ha.


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