Baskin Robbins $1 Tuesdays

Baskin Robbins
8650 Genesee Avenue
San Diego, CA 92122

Baskin Robbins is a chain ice cream store famous for it’s 31 different flavor variety. We decided to go check it out on their $1 scoop Tuesdays (starts 6pm-close). My friend Annie says this is the only one she’s seen doing this promotion. But I’m sure you can always check your local store with a quick search & phone call.

The line wasn’t very long @ 8pm but I hear if you go later in the evening it’s much longer due to the late night ucsd student crowd.
$1 Tuesday promotion includes $1 kiddie scoop in cup, sugar or waffle cone of any of their flavors. ($1 -flat)

Their selection was large but most of the flavors were ordinary. I sampled the chocolate quarter back which was white chocolate with caramel and rice krispy swirls. But I didn’t find it tasty. Finally I decided on the classic chocolate chip cookie dough. The ice cream was meh. I thought that even for $1 the scoop was very small. Everyone made fun of that fact I got a cone & a cup. I didn’t choose it this way but rather the server broke my cone in the process of scooping.

However I think I might pass next time for some store bought ben & jerry’s instead.

Pro: affordable
Con: limited seating in store, tiny portions, ice cream taste was ordinary


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