World Curry Restaurant

World Curry
1433 Garnet Ave
(between Gresham St & Haines St)
San Diego, CA 92109
Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

I’ve passed by World Curry several times while walking around in Pacific Beach but never went in. The store front has this bright yellow banner so if you are looking for it you won’t miss it. The restaurant focuses on different kinds of curry from all over the world.

Anyways Max and I decided to head there for dinner, they have good reviews on yelp and we didn’t want to wait to make our own curry. I was curious how it would taste because I’ve been craving Masala Art curry in Shanghai.
The atmosphere is casual and at first I wasn’t sure if we ordered at the counter or would be seated. The hostess was sort of puzzled at the situation that they were full and had to tell us to wait, which was fine by me. Yet in about 5 minutes we were seated in a both so not much of a wait.
Our meals both came with this complimentary salad. Which was a refreshing way to cleanse our palate.
For the entrees you usually get to choose between vegetables, chicken or tofu in your curry.
Max got Bali Beef (Hot) with Jasmine Rice $8
The meat was finely cut and had the texture of pulled pork. The curry was flavorful and not too spicy.
I got Panang Chicken (medium) with Jasmine Rice $7
The dish was very flavorful and a bit sweet. The chicken was tender and I liked how it also had vegetables.
On a side note, I thought it was amusing that the rice was in a pyramid shape. But towards the end of meal I wished there was more curry sauce as the rice was dry.
We also got some garlic naan $3
We both enjoyed the naan with the garlic spread. It had a nice consistency and was warm.

Oops I forgot we ordered the small size entrees but they also have a larger size for around $9 a plate.
The food service was prompt. We spent around $20, satisfied. However it doesn’t hold a candle to Masala Art.

Oh you can use San Diego Restaurant gift card at this restaurant (save 20%)
SDR cards can be purchased at Costco.


One thought on “World Curry Restaurant

  1. oh….masala art!! is that a chain? maybe they also have it in the us. too bad i never tried it since i don’t like indian much.

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