Nostagic for Memory Lane : Shrinky Dinks

*Not A Food Post for those not interested*

Shrinky Dinks
I recently have come back to a childhood activity of drawing and making tiny Shrinky dinks. My friend Lani makes these great ones from images of orchids and butterfly wings which she turns into chic earrings. Anyways, if you haven’t ever played with Shrinky Dinks you can buy them at a craft store or make them from #6 plastic.

Shrinky dinks usually come in 8 X 10 large flexible semi-clear (or colored) plastic sheets which you can draw on or trace with colored pencils, permanent markets…etc

After finishing the drawing you cut them into the desired shape and bake them for like 5-10seconds. We use a toaster oven to bake them. Poof ! Your thin drawing becomes a small thicker piece with limited alteration to color/shape.

*The trick is drawing big because your original drawing will shrink approx 1/3 of the size*
Here are some images I drew and some I traced using sharpie markers. Teacup inspired by a great Etsy artist.
It’s really easy to do. I think the hardest part is cutting them out because I”m not so nimble with my fingers.
Oh when you bake them they will curl up and shrink then it magically flattens -Don’t freak out, because it suppose to do that.
Sorry picture is a bit blurry but look they are shrunk!
If you want to make these into pendents or charms remember to punch holes through the pieces before they are baked.
A regular hole puncher will do the right job.

I also read about a blogger who used hole punches to create shrinky dink beads. But I haven’t tried that yet.

Fact: Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by Betty Morris and Kathryn Bloomberg of Brookfield, Wisconsin, as a Cub Scout project with their sons (1)


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