Lei Lounge Tuesday Night

Lei Lounge
4622 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92116

The girls and I decided to check out some happy hour specials at Lei Lounge. If you haven’t been to Lei Lounge it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere with a Hawaiian vibe. The lounge has indoor bar and past the bar is outdoor lounge, fire pit, and rows of cabanas. When I looked online there was complaints about seating but we were promptly seated in a roomy cabana (next time we ‘ll have to bring more people) and service was friendly.

Unfortunately we missed out on Happy Hour beverage specials (5-7pm) but we got to try out a bunch of their 4th column entree dishes for 50%. If you go their website it seems they have different specials almost every night!
The food ranges from simple bar eats to Asian fusion style.
Chicken Pad Thai $8 (Tuesday special price)
The portions were quite large, noodles had a nice texture, and plating was pretty.
However the peanut sauce overpowered this dish making it more like peanut noodles than pad thai.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon $3.5 (Tuesday special price)
This plate was quite minimal, nice appetizer but not worth it at normal prices.

Philly Cheesesteak with side of fries $6
The fries were delicious, crisp, and thick. It came with interesting sauce that seemed a bit spicy like sriracha + ketchup. Well maybe it was that. The sandwich was ordinary, it came with provolone but you could have gotten it with Velveeta. (weird to me) Oh something notable was that they also had Philly cheesesteak roll which I’ve never seen before on a menu.

Mini Kobe Beef Burger $10 ($2 additional bacon & cheese)
It was tasty but on the small side. I suppose because it Kobe but I didn’t feel like Kobe tasted any different compared to regular burger. However I’m no expert so maybe I was missing something.
We did however try a couple of their signature drinks: $8
Strawberry Geisha (pictured) -champagne
Frozen Banana (not picture, blended drink) -rum

They were very good! Right amount of alcohol, nice blend of flavors and ample amount.
In the end, food was ok. But we will definatly be checking out Lei Lounge again for more of their cocktails.

I hear Mondays only $3 a drink & Happy Hour (5-7pm) only $4.


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