Benihana’s Birthday Feast

477 Camino Del Rio South
San Diego, California 92108

We were really pumped to go Benihana’s to celebrate both Max’s & I’s belated August birthdays. Since we’ve been meaning to go try it out for some time because Max has never had teppanyaki.
Teppanyaki is where you sit at a table grill (up to 8ppl) and you have your own personal chef come cook/grill food infront of you. Chef’s performs tricks throughout the meal like onion volcano, you get served through the cooking process, and fun environment where room often filled with the staff singing.

Benihana’s offers both normal restaurant sit down seating and grill seating.
We went for lunch time and so were quickly seated by a empty grill. There was 10min waiting period as our grill seating filled up with another group and then our chef came.

I choose surf & turf seafood entree ($30) which includes scallops, jumbo shrimp, calamari, mushroom soup, salad, grilled veggies and I added recommended chicken fried rice. Best part was I got the meal for free because I had a $30 certificate from their Chef’s Table Birthday club. They were really nice through out the meal and courteous about the voucher. Which was way better than their awful website customer service.

-soup was pretty tasty, light
-salad was pretty ordinary but interesting orange sauce dressing
-jumbo shrimp, actually pretty large size but didn’t taste different compared to reg. shrimp
-scallops cooked tender, was very good
-calamari, the highlight of the meal, very fresh & tender tasting (I definately would re-order)

Max choose grilled beef entree from their lunch menu ($13). Woah if you want to try out Benihana’s go during lunch time because their lunch menu just like dinner, similar portions but half the price!!! His meal came with beef, salad, grilled vegetables and $1 added chicken fried rice.

-Beef was ok, I don’t think anything special (I’d probably get it little less done)

Unfortunately there’s no more pictures because my camera died on me. ><
The service was great!!! They were really friendly, refilled our drinks, for my birthday voucher I also got:
strawberry ice cream
funny looking pineapple, cherry, orange fruit concoction
our server took & PRINTED a lovely picture of us with Benihanas (it was so fast, nice, on my desk)
Finally 3-4 staff members sang us happy birthday & Japanese-sounding song.

However the food is still pricey for what it is. But the atmosphere is bubbly and wonderful!
I was very pleased with the customer service, the chef and estactic about my new picture. So for special occassions and birthdays it’s a great option. ❤


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