Noodles & Co -Purgatory Lake

Noodles & Co
13300 Technology Dr # 100
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3627

Noodles & Co is chain restaurant that serves a variety of noodle dishes. Their menu features noodle dishes from Asia, Mediterranean, American, and you customize it. Recently I heard they started offering sandwiches too.
I really like this restaurant because of the portion sizes (bowl or plate), pretty affordable, and great location. It’s right by Purgatory Lake (yep awesome name) which is pretty scenic, nice bridge, calm lake, and water fountain.

We both order the same dish! Well it was really delicious! I got the plate size but you can also get bowl.
The prices range $4-$7 + add -ons such as chicken.

Mediterranean – (Pesto Cavatappi) curly pasta sauteed with basil pesto, garlic, mushrooms, tomato and splash of cream. It was topped with Parmesan cheese and Italian parsley. I also added additional Parmesan crusted chicken which I think was $1-2 more but well worth it.

I loved the texture of the curly pasta and how the pesto was not overpowering but blended well with the other ingredients. The chicken increased flavor and I got my protein. ^_^

Anna seemed to have enjoyed her meal too.

{New Update for SD viewers} They just built a new Noodles & Co at the La Jolla’s UTC mall by the food court.
I’m so pumped to go try it out so expect review on it soon.

Plus is you haven’t already sign up for their noodles gram email club.
It’s FREE, get updates, promos & a FREE meal on your birthday. It’s a pretty sweet deal.


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