Burger Jones (uptown minneapolis)

Burger Jones
3200 w. lake st.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Burger Jones is a restaurant and cocktail bar. My friend Em often talks about how special this place is and after canoeing at Lake Calhoun we decided to stop by for lunch.
(P.s. Lake Calhoun is beautiful in the summer so if you are in the area you should go see it :D )

Burger Jones is located in a strip-mall like plaza so there’s plenty of parking.
Since it was a lovely day we decided to sit in their outdoor patio.

We both decided on getting their lunch special which was Cheeseburger Jones & Fries ($6.99)
It comes plain but they have complimentary lettuce, tomatoes, onions & pickles you can add when you order.
Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that until the order came. But the waiter was kind enough to bring some to us later when we asked about it.

The fries are hand-cut russet fries. They were pretty tasty.  The burger was good but nothing out of ordinary.
However I would not get grilled onions next time as they were too sweet for my taste. It seemed made the burger soggy and harder to eat.

I substituted my fries for  maple bacon sweet potato fries. I’m really into trying out different variations of sweet potato fries. These were WAY TOO salty!!! Vance & I both agreed on the subject as their seasoning was in mounds on the fries. The fries were a nice color & texture but it was way annoying to constantly have to dust off the seasoning.  Also I don’t think I really taste the maple bacon flavor which was a bummer.

Though this time we tried the originals I think next visit I will have to venture into some of their “weirder” sounding entrees & beverages such as:

Royal Mounted Bacon Poutine
Hand-cut fries smothered in rich beef gravy, chopped bacon & cheese curds

White Trash Burger
chicken-fried bacon, fried cheese curds, and Velveeta

Naughty Girl Scout Beverage
Creme de Menthe, Creme de cocao, with chocolate sauce & mint


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