El Torito 3 Course Mexi Meal

El Torito Restaurant
8910 Villa La Jolla Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037

El Torito is a Californian based sit-down Mexican restaurant. I use to eat here quite often because it’s so close to the UCSD campus and I like the atmosphere. Anyways the price range is $10-15 a entree, they do have a good happy hour on tuesday nights, and all you can eat salsa & chips. But it does seems that now that they have more coupons in the mail their plates are getting smaller and going more “healthy”.

Right now they are hosting a 3-course meal Mexi Meal for $11.99/person. It seems that 3-course meals are becoming more popular and great option to try a little bit of everything. Their Mexi Meal deal includes:

Course 1: Homemade Tortilla Soup or Mexican Caesar Salad

Course 2: Chicken Flauta & Beef  Taquitos Combo or Taqueria Taco & 2 mini-Cheese Enchiladas or Chicken & Sour Cream Enchilada & Crispy Beef Taco or Mexi Chicken Fajitas with frijoles de la olla rice & warm tortillas

Course 3: mini flan or mini deep fried ice cream

For my first course I choose the tortilla soup and I was happily surprised it came out so fast.
It was pretty good but it was a small portion.

My second course was chicken and sour cream Enchildas & Beef Crispy Tacos. I enjoyed the enchilda, rice, beans, and the tiny but delicious corn cake (not seen in pic). But the beef crispy taco was not to my taste, it was hard to eat since it was so hard and flavorless. I don’t know what that brown salsa-sauce was but I didn’t like it much either.

Finally for dessert I choose my favorite: home-style flan. It was really cute, mini-size with whipped cream! I think this was my favorite part of Mexi-Meal because usually the big size flan is $5-6 but I never able to finish it. But it was sweet ending to my meal. Plus it does taste like flan, good custard, and sweet to creamy ratio.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with my meal though I did dine by myself on a tuesday night so service was caught up in the happy hour crowd so it was hard to get my server. I personally like the portions but I think other people would find them a bit small because even after 3 course I was full but not as full as I usually am when I just have their full-size entree.

Yet for authentic Mexican food I would probably adventure farther south of the border but for nice sit-down mexican-style restaurant El torito isn’t half bad. (MEXI MEAL deal ends OCT 3rd 2010)


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