Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot “Xiao Fei Yang”

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot “Xiao Fei Yang”
4718 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
(between Diane Ave & Frink Ave)
San Diego, CA 92117

I use to think it was silly to eat hot pot in the summer but lately it’s been so gloomy & cold. Perfect day for some yummy hotpot. I was really excited to try “Xiao Fei Yang” in San Diego because I had it at the Shanghai, China location but my friend Choy raves about San Diego location. This is my first trip eating hotpot at a restaurant in the States.

Hotpot is similar to Fondue. There’s a pot, boiler, and you basically self-serve/self-cook.

I heard “Xiao Fei Yang” is famous for their flavorful soup!
So we decided on fifty-fifty combo with half regular & half spicy.
I don’t know about other hotpot places but they do charge here per person per soup (around $3). However unlimited refills when soup is lowered the waiters are prompt to refill it. Also I hear you can buy just the soup to take home to make hotpot.
Verdict: Very flavorful soup, one of the best I’ve had ^_^

Supreme Beef slices
(my favorite, fast & easy to cook)

Fish balls
(sort of difficult to know when cooked, but realized they expanded -sliced)

Winter Melon (delicious, I missed eating it so much)

Udon Noodles (yummy, not mushy)

Their dishes costs from $3-7 a plate. Our pot was around $40 so about $15 a person. We were pretty full but I felt it was considerably more pricey than if  I had just ordered noodle soup at Asian restaurant.

So next time I want to try their “Crazy Tuesday” special that $19.99 a person.
There’s a lot more dishes I wanted to try and I think it would be cheaper option since a plate meat is $7 each.

Yet I really enjoyed our meal and the service was attentive. However I was surprised that they didn’t have a offer a sauce bar or dipping sauces on their menu which was different from my previous experiences.


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