Hot Dog on a Stick at UTC

Hot Dog on a Stick
Westfield University Towne Centre
4545 La Jolla Village Dr, #E24
San Diego, CA 92122

So Hot Dog on a stick is one of those fast food booths in a food court that I’ve never really paid attention to and sometimes I even questioned to how it could survive with just hot dogs on sticks, lemonades, and fair style food.
But recently I won a giftcard from one of the blogs I follow called Hip2Save. It’s a great site for coupons, deals, and saving a buck or two. I thought why not try it out?

Well I guess we were lucky because we went on a Tuesday. They have awesome Tuesday’s specials where it’s only $1 for a hotdog on a stick instead of $2.75. Our cashier was a wonderful girl and let us try a bunch of samples.
I got to try cheese on stick but I ate it so fast I didn’t get in a picture.
Anyway they were cute looking like little drumsticks filled with gooey cheesy. Interesting snack.

Max got to try funnel sticks as seen below. It sort of concoction of sugar and dough. However it was way too sweet for our taste and we prefer a real funnel cake.

We tried their original lemonade which was pretty thirst quenching ($3). They also had cherry & lime flavors.

We ended up with some freshly dipped hot dogs on a stick & french fries. I liked the hot dogs. I don’t think I would pay $3 price for them but for $1 Tuesdays I can see myself stopping by.

Oh if you have San Diego Clipper magazine Hot Dog on a Stick often has coupons in them such as buy 2 get 1 free deals.  So it could possibly make their deals even better.


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