San Diego Balboa Park

Balboa Park

For Map/Directions please visit their site
(Even public transportation options -cool!)

My blog is mostly about food. But from time to time I like to deviate talk to about other things going on in San Diego. One of my favorite things to do in San Diego is “FREE”. Heck who doesn’t love free things?
Anyways Balboa Park outdoors park area is always free to have picnics, wander around and marvel at the beautiful architecture. What’s great is that every Tuesdays San Diego residents get to go to museums* for FREE!! (w/id)

Balboa Park has so many different museums I’ve lost count! Every Tuesday different museums allow residents to go for free and it rotates weekly. We were excited because Max has wanted to go to Reuben Fleet Science Museum for a long time and you can’t really argue with a lovely day at the park.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum

They have a lot of hands on exhibit regarding changes / effects in nature.

I hid for a long time in this area with these things called Keva blocks. They are simple, lightweight pieces of wood which you can basically build anything with. I built these for awhile as the boys went ga ga over a turntable that rolls disks. I was amazed at how stable and easy it was to build with the blocks. They are much lighter than blocks I use to play with as a child. Anyway it was fun and they had a bunch of posters showing how to build geometric gravity defying sculptures so you can build alot of cool things withthem. Hey there was bunch of other adults there too -i promise ^_^

San Diego Natural History Museum (Dinosaur Exhibit)

Rawr! I’m so hungry! Eeek!  Don’t eat me I’m a ugly dinosaur.

Being silly I was actually frightened by how large this shark exhibit was! I’m very glad to be alive now and not back then. But it seemed ongoing tread that animals gotten smaller over the years.

Botancial Garden & Pictures Around Balboa Park

This area is really great for picnics and just laying around in the sun.

Beautiful architecture at a Casa….

Our friend Sleeveless the Magician  performing a street magician show. He’s performing my favorite trick with 2 foam rabbits called Peter & Penelope. It’s adorable if you have time stop by for a free show.

Great time at Balboa Park!! Come join us next tuesday :D
Hey for those of you not in San Diego…
Check out Smithsonian Website for  free tickets to celebrate MUSUEM DAY  on SEPT 25th 2010 at a nearby musuem.


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